Wanted; Naval Expert - Apply Within

Not sure if this should be in GQ, if not I appologise.

Any hoo, I am writing an alternative history novel, a large part of the story is played out on a large RN battleship.
There was a disussion on the design of the ship a few weeks ago under the heading;

Big Bloody Battleship

The ideas that were brought up helped me a lot. But I could do with a person who has a good understanding of Naval technology and systems of the 50-70’s. Just to bounce idea’s off…

any takers?

I have a bellybutton. Am I qualified? :slight_smile:

Might I suggest you register at Military.com and cruise the Navy boards. There’s about 1000 different discussion boards there, and I’m sure there are some old salts over there that would have all the info you need. Or, perhaps the RN has something akin to that across the pond?

Cheers chand

I played around quite a lot with weapons systems during the '70’s maintaining them, I might be able to help.

Usenet is your friend. Point your newsreader at sci.military.naval

Do you have specific questions or are you just looking for volunteers at this point?