War of the Worlds Sequel

Did anyone ever try to write a sequel to the original novel of “The War of the Worlds”, even if only a short story?


A sequel was published, one chapter at a time, in the backs of those old Perry Rhodan novels of the seventies, in which Wells’ protagonist joins an expedition to launch a counterattack on Mars.

A book was published recently, War Of The Worlds: Local Dispatches, which detailed the Martian invasion from a variety of local standpoints. Each story was written either from the viewpoint of a famous person who would have been alive at the time (Albert Einstein, Pablo Picasso) or in the style of a literary giant alive at the time (Jack London, H. P. Lovecraft).

There was also a short lived television series started in the early 90’s that took place in the present time (early 90s). Supposedly, the aliens didn’t die, but instead went comotose and woke up years later and started wrecking havok again, but this time in a more underground way by taking over people’s bodies. I never saw more than maybe fifteen minutes of the show, but what I saw was rather graphically violent and rather grotesque. Interesting, but it should be noted, this was a sequel to the movie, not the actual book…

Wreaking. Wreaking havoc.

There was a novel called The Second War of the Worlds. Published in the 1970’s or 80’s. Can’t remember the name of the author.

George H. Smith

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Chapter One.

“It was penicillin that sealed our doom…”

Wasn’t Buckaroo Banzai: Across the Eighth Dimension a sequel to The War of the Worlds?

Aha! found it… I think the first sequel.

Edison’s Conquest of Mars

from: “Edison’s Conquest of Mars” which first appeared in the Evening Journal on January 12, 1898

I ordered the other volumes online last night.

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That is the image of the Thunder’s Child duelling with the War Machine I’ve been trying to find for the past few years…

Marvel Comics did a sequel series back in the 70s. This time, the Martians came back and were really PO-ed.

Yes! – now I recognize the cover of the George Smith book. Probably one of the hundreds of books I lost when burglars torched my home in 1986.

Manley Wade Wellman wrote an entertaining book called Sherlock Holmes’ War of the Worlds. It brought together Holmes and Doyle’s other great character, Professor Challenger. (And included hanky-panky between Holmes and Mrs. Hudson, if you can believe it.)

Wells’ Martians were more than a match for the military technology of Britain c. 1900. If they invaded the same way now… well, I hope we’d get some live specimens while we were busy blowing up their invasion force.

The Strugatski brothers wrote a sequel novella set in the Soviet Union called The Second Martian Invasion or alternatively, in a different translation, The Second Invasion from Mars.

Hey, I was serious. Wasn’t there some angle to* Buckaroo Banzai* that was a followup, or takeoff, on* War of the Worlds*?

The aliens invaded Grovers Mills, NJ in 1938, and brainwashed Orson Welles to claim it was just a radio hoax. They got IDs with names like “John Small Berries” and “John BigBoote”

I noticed that. Particulary since they

  1. Can be killed, and a single cannon blast on target is apparently enough to do the job.

  2. Have unpack their tripods and apparently even the heat rays from the cylinders when they arrive. A couple farmer with shotguns could easily wipe them out by picking them off as they leave the cylinders, before they have the chance to assemble their weapons.

Though Wells essentially anticipated 20th century warfare years in advance. The Black Smoke is obviously some kind of chemical warfare and the tripods work much like the Blitzkreig would in 1939. Quite Jarring in 1898, but a third world country could probably deal with a martiain invasion like that in 2004. A NATO nation would probably consider the entire thing a training exercise.