Warehouse 13 season 4.5 discussion thread

Second half of the 4th season. I hate Scifi’s weird way of airing seasons in halves.

Just a “heads up” for everyone. Apparently, after a ridiculous and pointless 6 month break, Warehouse 13 premiered last night. I’m watching it now and I figured a lot of folks forgot about it, as I did.

I can barely remember what was going on. Apparently, a plague broke out and going to wipe out half the world. Why it would stop at half, I have no idea.

Anyway, I love this show and am glad its back. We can discuss it in this thread.

Watched it last night. It was a fun ride (again). James Marsters is delightful.

I think the idea is that there is always going to be some percentage of the population that either has a natural immunity or survives. Not sure how that would work with a disease that is completely unnatural, but hey.

I thought it was fun, too, though the actions of Artie’s split personality and the loss of Lena will be hard to get over. Enjoyed James Marsters, and I hope he will become a recurring character, if not the new villain. I was glad to see James in Artie’s brain, too. I liked that character, even though he was a villain. Then again, he repented and was more or less redeemed just before H.G. Wells killed him. She repented and reformed, too. So I suppose it won’t be so hard for Artie.

Oh, goddamn it. I hope my DVR was still set for it.

I had predicted an entirely different outcome - I like it when I’m wrong.

Yes - I was expecting a Deus ex for Leena, too.

I liked the epi. I am sorta scared of the upcoming scenes, which includes that horrible travesty HG coming back.

Marsters ragging on vampires was a nice wink wink nudge nudge.

I knew he wasn’t really gonna be dead, though.

I liked the vampire mention as well and I also figured he was faking. Are these the recurring villains(sort of) of this half the season?

My DVR caught it. Thankfully!

I had expected that Claudia would use the astrolabe to set things right. :confused:

It was a very pleasant surprise to see James Marsters show up; frankly, I’m a little shocked that I hadn’t wandered across that tidbit of information beforehand in my Internet wanderings. Speaking of tidbits, Anthony Stewart Head has signed on to play a villain who is going to make his appearance late in the season. Let’s hope that Marsters’ character lives long enough for them to interact a little bit. I’m looking forward to a wealth of Buffy in-jokes.