Warehouse 13 - spoilers

Totally spoilers because the series is like a decade old but warning just the same

So, Artie uses Magellan’s Astrolabe to wind the world back 24 hours because a bad guy blew up the warehouse, destroying Pandora’s Box and removing hope from the world. A Brother Adrian from an alternate secret group based upon the Templars knew about the use of the astrolabe, but not the why of the use. Adrian tormented Artie, trying to drive him into using the astrolabe again, reversing the warehouse and world saving that occurred because of the original use.

So why the heck didn’t 'Artie explain that he undid the destruction of the warehouse and the world going insane and violent because of the loss of hope. I feel that Adrian understanding that Artie did use the astrolabe for a seriously good reason, and reversing it would screw the world over.

And I know the real answer is ‘because it is in the script’ =)

[side-bar/hijack] This is why I hate most shows that incorporate magic. Normal tragedy is never enough, it always has to be the end of the world. And even when that happens, magic will make it better (but at a price, Ugarte, at a price).[/s-b/h]

Well, don’t forget that most of Brother Adrian’s appearances on the show were as a hallucination. Making use of the astrolabe has the unfortunate side effect of causing the user to develop an alternate, dark personality, and for Artie that other personality happened to manifest as Brother Adrian.

Very true.

Although the whole story arc is well done, I still prefer the old monster of the week stuff =)