Warehouse 13 22 September

That’s not Claudia, it’s…oh, shit!

Artie had the Phoenix with him, right?

Ok, this show went from…“hmm, that didn’t suck” in the early episodes to “Damn, I like this” once they kicked off the arc story. Really good finale tonight. We get a few more tidbits of info, and a whole lot of unanswered questions to chew on until the next season.

  1. Leena–heel, or dupe? Wondering how she got the Thimble–ok, it was likely returned to the warehouse along with McPherson, but that would not explain why she had it earlier–assuming it was her and not Claudia that pilfered the other items.

  2. Artie, R.I.P. ?–I dunno. Never saw any proof he had the Phoenix, but didn’t see any evidence that he didn’t, either. Gut feeling is that something will prevent his death because I think the actor is signed for season 2. Could involve Ms. Richardson (is that her name?–Scary Lady Regent Boss)

  3. WTF are the Regents, anyway? We know there’s a group of them, and that they have some dealings with the U.S. Government, and Scary Lady Regent Boss has some serious stroke, but what is the deal?

  4. Come on…give us the Football, preferably braining McPherson as he tries to escape…

  5. Why the elaborate and inconveniently reversible bronzing thing, when two in the head solves the problem permanently with no takebacks?

I was absolutely shocked that Pete did not make even the tiniest Han Solo joke, I mean, seriously!

Also I knew Mac set the whole thing up the instant Mrs. Fredrick’s rock candy onna string came out. I know; we concoct an elaborate plot to acidify your blood if you pass the walls but have a trinket on a string that instantly negates it.

What did Mrs. Frederick realize that made her turn the car around?

Artie totally has a Phoenix, he palmed it off Mac when they fought is my guess.

Finale? Finale? No, G-d hates me, but not that much. First DS9 killed off Sisko so there wouldn’t be a movie, then Battlestar Galactica, now this.
It’s resolved next week, right? Right?

I liked the shout out to some James Bond movie with the “I expect you to…die” bit.

Well, the antagonist is after all named “James”. :slight_smile:

Not quite watching the replay at the moment. It’s on in another room, so I can hear it as I type. I want Tim Leary’s glasses.

Also wondering about that underground warehouse…like a mini Warehouse/secret lair thing, apparently accessible only with an artifact key. Won’t they have to make that place not exist anymore, somehow?

And the kid on the bike…just a kid, or something else?

I was very upset about Artie going boom until I realized that everyone was in the process of re-shelving all the stuff McNuttypants (I love Pete!) had swiped, and Artie probably had the phoenix on him. If he did, though, he had a hell of a drop to the ground judging from that last shot when Pete and Myka were peering out of what was left of the door.

I predict Claudia will arrive at the last minute and save the day, and we’ll learn more about Mrs. Fredericks and Artie (I’m starting to think they had a “thing” going sometime in the past), and Leena will turn out to be under mind control or something.

They’re playing a bit fast and loose with their timeline and it’s kind of bugging me. In the episode that introduces Claudia, we learn that she was 10 when her brother disappeared, and that happened 12 years ago. I’m not very good at math, but I’m pretty sure this would make her 22. In this episode, however, she clearly states she’s 19. Where’d that other 3 years go? Also, in the episode where Artie meets the Regents, he says he’s dedicated the last 40 years of his life to the warehouse. In this one, someone mentions somewhere that he’s been with the warehouse for 30 years. Sloppy writing or is the Warehouse situated on a Time Warp?

When’s the new season start?


Maybe that was not actually Claudia–maybe it was Leena or someone else using the thimble…


I wondered about this too, but it just occurred to me; just before Artie arrived with McNuttypants, didn’t Leena tell Mrs. Frederick that Claudia was back at the B&B - with Mrs. Frederick’s bodyguard? But the guard is at the warehouse when Mrs. Frederick is ready to leave. I think Mrs. Frederick realized, “Wait a minute - who called him and told him to come pick me up?”

I think it’s pretty clear Artie will be back next season - the only question is, will he tell everybody he’s okay? Or will he continue to let them think he’s dead to protect them from Macpherson?

And how does a British guy join the American Secret Service in the first place?

Totally agree. I was pretty “meh” about the first few episodes, but by the last half of the season I was looking forward to every new episode. I’ve even grown to really like Claudia. She adds a lot to the “family” relationship that the characters have developed.

So is it already renewed for a second season?

Um, if Artie has the Phoenix and it saved his bacon, then our two agents are likely to die horribly in the very near future, aren’t they? Isn’t that the deal that the Phoenix makes?

Also, the Phoenix protects you from fire, but does it protect you from boom?

Yes (and was promoted as such during the hour).

You’re right the Phoenix would have to kill the other two in order to save Artie so I don’t think he has it. But Macpherson said that the Phoenix would make a suicide bomber would wouldn’t die so unless he was lying to get a higher bid then it would save Artie just at a price.

If they hadn’t touched it.

Thanks! (I watch on DVR and FF through the commercial breaks)

No kidding. When Artie described what the device did, I turned to my wife and said, in my best C-3P0 voice, “Oooh, they encased him in carbonite!”

I dunno. I think that it would have needed to have made tiles rather than statues for a Star Wars joke.

They totally should have done that though.

I’ve got an interesting idea here. We’ve never seen any footage of the Phoenix actually in action, but we do know that artifacts are usually named pretty accurately. I wonder if we will learn in future episodes that what actually happens is that the user does burn up, and then rises from the ashes.

About the agents - the deal is that someone else dies, not that it has to be any particular person. Would make it a tidy way to get rid of the Leena character if Season 2 opens with a scene showing her corpse with smoke billowing from its mouth…

Anyway, I agree with what others said - this show really grew on me over the course of the season.