Warehouse 13 22 September

Or the returning Mrs. Fredericks and/or her bodyguard…

The deal is that someone who has not touched The Phoenix dies.

MacPherson used the Phoenix to rescue whats-her-name and five firemen died. His bodyguard used it, and two minions died. It appears that everyone within a certain radius who has not touched the Phoenix dies.

I was thinking about that same thing, and it brought up a couple of questions for me:

  1. What if one uses the Phoenix and there’s nobody within that radius? MacPherson did say that the energy needed to go somewhere

  2. Does touching the Phoenix once give you everlasting immunity, or does one need to touch it within a certain timeframe of its use?

Still hoping for Leena’s smoking corpse in the season opener…

How come? She is decorative.

I assumed that he also used the Phoenix on the woman he rescued so each person saved equals approximately two deaths.

Sure she’s cute now, but in my proposed scenario she’d be smokin’ :wink:

I just realized that they saw Claudia free James, not Leena, so that will probably be a plot point next season.

I gotta go watch the recording and see who’s wearing Harriet’s thimble when…:slight_smile:

This sounds like a job for Ned…

Anyway - Neena would have touched the Phoenix when she retrieved it (as claudia, I now assume) for MacPherson. I’m thinking/assuming that Mikha and Pete would’ve both touched it in the process of retrieving it at the auction house, and that artie ends up with it.

None of our majors will die… I’m betting on the bodygaurd.

#2 - it would appear that possession of the phoenix is a requirement to survive, otherwise he would have had no need to send his bodygaurd and the phoenix into the furnace, nor take it from Artie to go into the burning house to save the girl.

My quesiton would be - could two (or more) people hang onto it? why when MacPherson saved the girl did 5 firefighters die, but the other time it was only 2?

If its fairly random, there’s also a chance that -no one- has to die, but that most of the time, someone somewhere may.

True, but “Claudia” waved at the camera - I bet it won’t take Pete and Myka long to notice the thimble on her hand if they watch the tape, they live for tiny little details like that. At least I hope so - I fear they’re going to beat the whole “bad guy disguised as good guy” concept into the ground. (Mistaken identity hijinks make me weary.)

I wonder if maybe the phoenix has some kind of mathematical system. Say the bodyguard was in the furnace long enough to kill him twice over - so two other people died. Likewise, James and Carol combined were in the burning house long enough to kill them a total of 5 times over, so 5 people died. How many times over would the blast have killed Artie, assuming he was in possession of the phoenix at the time?

Ooh, I just thought of something else. What does James say to Artie just after Artie hits him with the Tesla? Something about “There’s a way around everything if you look for it”? Artie’s just as brilliant as James, I wonder if he’ll come up with something that’ll prevent the phoenix from taking other lives in exchange for his.

Does anyone else get the feeling Artie and Mrs. Frederick had a “thing” in their past? I still think Leena is their secret love child.

He’s a Magnificent Bastard, this is the least of his accomplishments. I never would have guessed Robin Colcord would make such an awesome villain. They did a very good job with the 15 years younger effects - they actually looked like the actors at that age.

I’m wondering if both Leena and Claudia were helping MacPhearson, one on purpose, one brainwashed.

You are not the only one.

That would be the obvious save. Although the side effects would make that har to justify. On the other hand, if he had it on him, he may not have been able to prevent it’s use. And McPherson might have intended this - to force Artie to use the artifact as punishment for coming down on him for using it. In addition to Artie’s apparent death though there’s the immense amount of damage to the warehouse itself. I think they might have to utilize some kind of time travel artifact…

Did they actually see her yet? I know she waved at the camera, but did the camera survive the explosion anyway? lol

That camera was in the bronze room - apparently far enough away from the entrance tube (which is what blew up).

No one’s had time to review the footage - yet.

I don’t think Artie had the Phoenix. I think he had some other artifact yet to be disclosed that kept him from going boom. (And saving him from injury in that long drop afterward.)

Someone mentioned upthread that maybe Artie will not let anyone know he’s alive so he can go after McNuttypants without putting them in danger. I think this would add an interesting element to the show if this happens but I wouldn’t want that to go on for more than a few episodes. I looooves me some Artie. The more time he gets on screen, the better.

I’ll just throw this out as pure speculation–During the first episode, I got the feeling that maybe Mrs. Frederick and Leena are the same person. Maybe one of the artifacts caused Mrs. F to travel from a few decades hence and she’s stuck here with her younger self and they’ve learned to deal with it. Or maybe she can travel back and forth at will. That might explain her popping up out of nowhere the way she does. Then again, Leena has intuitive skills that Mrs. F doesn’t seem to possess (Mrs. F asked Leena about what she was sensing at one point in the last episode) but maybe she lost them as she aged. The more of this show I watched, the less I got this feeling but I think it’s interesting to ponder.

I take it the Phoenix only kills those near the fire that haven’t touched it. It doesn’t necessarily always have to kill people. The victims are not a set number. it’s always everybody nearby that didn’t touch it. I’m also expecting the touching immunity doesn’t wear off.

I posted in one of the earlier threads that I’m not sure Leena is actually human. Same applies to Ms. Fredricks (apologies for mis-naming her upthread, btw) and the other Regents. I’m kinda wondering if maybe they’re aliens, and perhaps the artifacts were created by them, or other non-human entitities yet to be revealed…

Dunno. All I’ve been able to figure out is that one of them played a bad guy in an episode the first season of The X-Files. Seriously. That’s the only thing I’ve worked out about the whole lot of them.

Mark Shepherdwas Badger on Firefly, and a Bad Guy on Burn Notice.