Warning: This toaster is not to be used in the bathtub

Seen on the inside of the door of a porta-potty:

“This unit is equipped to handle up to 10 persons during a normal work week. Excessive use may result in undesirable conditions.”

On the inside of a wall-mounted brass bell, complete with clanger, is the following sticker:

“This product is unsafe for use as a food serving surface.”

What, all at once?

I got worried by a porta-potty warning that it was not to be used for dumping toxic chemicals. How can you use it for its intended purpose then?

The one I saw the sign in was pretty roomy, I have to say. You could probably squeeze 10 people in, if they’re really thin. No more than that, though. That 11th person might be mighty unhappy about where he’d have to stand.

Am I the only one who uses fresh toast as a loofah, then?

I had a lawnmower that had a warning not to pick it up and use as a hedge trimmer.
My favorite is the bag of potato chips advertising a sweepstakes: No purchase neccesary, details inside. ( just heard about it not viewed it so it may be urban legend)

I’m a big fan of the Easy Cheese directions, which say

But that’s only if you want best results.

In addition, the Fruit Roll-ups, which inform you, with diagrams, that you have to unwrap it and remove the plastic before eating.

Damn, I’m glad you told me.
I like to much on toast while taking my morning bath.
No more!

The coffee pot by the tub is still ok, right?

I always like posting about the sticker (similar to this one) I saw on a Bobcat at a construction site. It shows an unwary bystander getting chewed up in the wheels and bucket, next to large letters warning “DANGER: Avoid Death”.