Warren Jeffs-- may you rot in hell

In case you don’t know who Warren Jerfs is:

Prophet? You’re nothing more than a mafia don and child molester to boot. Fuck you and fuck your demented co-conspirators, too. Nice little scam you got going there, fucktard. If any of the men in the community get out of line, you just boot them out and split up their “wives” among the guys who are left. I hesitate to call them wives, because here’s what they really are: women who were never allowed to have an education, who were indoctinated into your so-called religion, and who were sent off to marry whomever you picked at the earliest age possible. I don’t believe in heaven or hell, but may you rot in your own personal hell now that you’ve been caught, you sick bastard.

BTW, I have nothing against polygamy if practiced by fully informed, consenting adults. This in not the case here, though.

It’s worse than that, even. Check the date on the OP

That shit sickens me.

Yeach. BTW, the mods frown on direct link to other MBs, if you didn’t know that. Board wars and all…

He helped me figure out the Secret of the Mormons, though. They need nuts like him and polygamists in general to maintain the illusion Mormons are interesting when, in reality, they are as interesting as Methodists. :smiley:

Paging Monty!! :slight_smile:

And since Jeffs isn’t a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, nor does that particular church permit even the advocating of polygamy, your comment is best described as “hitting the floor by your foot, not the target, with your dart.”

I was kinda hoping his weewee would rot now!

Wow that was nifty. Let me try… paging Monty :slight_smile:

Actually, we are allowed to link to other boards. People do it all the time. What we can’t do is link to other boards in ways that are likely to start a board war. For example, you can’t post a link to a post on another message board while saying “look at that idiot over there!”, or something.

Yes, we know that you don’t like it when people lump the official Church of Jesus Christ of LdS with those breakaway “Mormon” sects. But, as someone pointed out in another such thread, “Mormon” to most people means a follower of any denomination or sect descended from the religion started by Joseph Smith.

And in any case, dropzone’s comment was a joke. He knows that these so-called “Mormon fundamentalists” are not affiliated with the Church of LdS. He was just saying that while official LdS Mormonism isn’t an especially wacky religion, the historical association of these “fundamentalists” with Mormonism makes Mormonism seem more interesting to some.

Well, if that fails, we can still fall back on our outrageous consumption of green Jell-o.

Hey! We are way more interesting than the LDS. We drink coffee! :: Snap :: Jump back! :stuck_out_tongue:

[QUOTE=severusYes, we know that you don’t like it… (and so on–can we ban people who quote entire threads?)[/QUOTE]
Yeah, what YOU said! Well, maybe not the “official LdS Mormonism isn’t an especially wacky religion” part :wink: , but its adherants in my experience are, as a Mormon friend says, “law-abiding people who work hard and spend lots of time with their families.” Ozzie and Harriet Nelson or June and Ward Cleaver didn’t make good TV but you wouldn’t mind them living next door and when, on “Celebrity Duets,” Marie Osmond told a singer he needed to be “more black” in his presentation he and the audience all saw it as a major condemnation of his blandness.

But everybody has moments when he would like people to think he’s darker, more dangerous, and sexier than he is and the Mormons have always had their scandalous, especially for the 19th century, polygamous past. Many people even found it sexy, like Mark Twain, at least until he met Brigham Young and his wives. (He found Youngs wives not to his, or anybody else’s, taste and considered Young marrying them to be an act of great charity.) For over 100 years the LDS has coasted on that notoriety and it needs people like Jeffs who have broken away from the main church but who still consider themselves Mormon, even the REAL Mormons, to inject a bit of the bad boy into their image as others see them. The leather jacket is vinyl and the motorcycle is a borrowed Vespa but when your face to the rest of America is Donnie Osmond you go for what you can.

dropzone, who needs to be around Mormons so he can feel like he’s hip.

I think most Mormons would be happy if people found them no more interesting than methodists.