Warren, Reynolds, Tam or Cobb?

Well, ladies? Which of these studly studs would you choose?

For a continuing relationship?..Hmmm. Is Warren Wash? He’d probably wear the best long-term, but there’s the detail of Zoe killing you…

For a one-night stand? Jayne, absolutely.

The Captain. I looooove Mal. It’s possible he has some mental issues, but hell, I have insurance. I’ll send him to a psychologist.

He had me when he shot the lawman in the pilot. Awww.

Possible? Possible???

Aw hell, I’d go for Mal too. I dig cynical and sarcastic.

But there isn’t a one of them that I’d kick out of bed.

My mistake. Zoe is Warren. Wash is Washburne.