Queer Eye 3/2: Warren L

Sorry for the lateness of this thread.

Hello! I haven’t been here for awhile and last week I didn’t see a QEFTSG thread, so I’m glad to see they’re still going.

And with all that said, all I have to say really about this ep is:

  1. SHOWER! For gawd’s sake, that’s just appalling.
  2. That babysh*t green is nothing even remotely like a primary color.

Just watched this episode, and as is par for the course for me, I loved it and am always grateful (or relieved) when the straight guy is good humored and agrees with the choices that the Fab 5 make. Smart fellows. :wink:

Now, specifically, I felt that the producer from Rent, although very kind and constructive, was basically giving Warren the brush off. Did anyone else think that or am I being overly sensitive? Probably the latter and I’m reading more into it than there was.

Other than that, I thought that Thom did an incredibly transforming job. Of course. And the cheese made me terribly hungry. I was rooting for him, and by extension his roommate and girlfriend) to succeed. Hope they make, especially all the way from Oklahoma.

Overall, I think this was a really successful QE. I can’t wait until next week’s. Oooh, that guy looks so yummy.

“Ummmmmm… long hair!” :slight_smile:

P.S. As an aside… is it just me or do our favorite quintet seem to make some of the worst fashion choices? I mean, Carson looks a lot of the time like he’s been in the middle of a fashion explosion. ::: ugh ::: I can’t help but wonder how their stylists let them look that way.

That they’re all so damned cute doesn’t help either when one labels them as trendy victims. I like pining for my adorable looking designer after all and I wish he’d look as hot with his clothes on as I picture him with them off.

< insert mischievous, but sadly not a guy, grin here >

They’ve had two vegetarian girlfriends on the show and in both cases Thom has bought a gigantic red leather couch. What the hell?

I think that splotch on my sweet sweet Kyan’s chest is a tattoo. The first time we saw it, it looked kind of black. But now it looks tattoo-ink blue. I couldn’t tell about the design though. Anyone with TiVO that can screen capture?

Man was the music and songs for his play truly discordant or what? Even the top notch talent couldn’t disguise the poor quality of the writing. And I think the gimmick nature of the play didn’t impress the producers (as that one said quite clearly).

The apartment came out really nice, and the clothes were the nicest they could do with him. Why didn’t Kyan address the stink issue- he dropped the ball.


No, I thought that also. He didn’t like the concept of the musical and preferred a more established format.

I was personally offended by Ted’s comments about vegetarians. Smell like garlic and fart a lot? I’m sure he doesn’t like generalizations about queer guys. Can you tell I’m a vegetarian? :wink:

I TiVo’d it - it seems to be a tattoo of a spider, about the size of a half-dollar. There were chest hair issues, so the picture wasn’t totally clear. And he also had a “dent” about 6 inches below the spider tattoo (about 4 inches below his nipple) on his ribs that looked like a surgical scar of some sort.

Why yes, I did spend several minutes of scrutiny on less than 2 seconds of skin. Don’t you wish you had TiVo now??

I was likewise bewildered by the lack of showering and what seemed to me avoidance of the man-smell issue, especially as all of them seemed to be gagging on it when they entered the apartment. I’ve experienced some serious man-smell from friends and acquaintances alike, and I’d have loved to hear some QE tips on how–because sometimes just showering doesn’t get rid of it–to make it go away. I refuse to believe that one sweater was to blame, but I’m also sure his laundry lying out all over place didn’t help either.

I also agree Kyan’s blotch is a spider tattoo; I thought I saw legs on it last night, thanks to my sexy new television. It’s a rather unfortunate choice as it sort of screams “melanoma” to me.

Kyan must not be looking around at his fellow Fab 5 much. Is it just me, or did Jai, Carson, and Ted all have really bad hairstyles?

Why on Earth did they prepare the trays at home and carry them to the theater? Did they walk the whole way across town with open trays of food? Or was the theater right downstairs? Either way, this guy just has no luck with crackers. He drops the whole package on his kitchen floor, and then walks into a wall at the theater, scattering more crackers everywhere.

So just how does one seed a cucumber? I knew as soon as he tried to use his
knife to peel it, the cucumber was toast. I’d probably have sliced it with the peel and called it a day.

Is it just me or did anybody else think This Week’s Straight Guy (TWSG) was a total fake? I don’t mean that I don’t think he was straight, he just seemed insincere in his praise, gratitude, and most everything else. I think he did this for exposure far more than for wardrobe, apartment, etc., tips.

The concept of the musical is… hmmm… interesting. It would be a major demand on the cast as they’d have to memorize probably at least an extra hour of dialogue and songs and remember which scene they’re doing when it changes. It would probably work if it were a short piece, though I think the more established probably is a better idea because cast changes, et al, would be a nightmare when you’re already dealing with that unconventional a format. Now perhaps you could work the “alternate paths” into the musical itself ala Sliding Doors or that recent episode of Frasier in which his life diverges then reconverges.

OTOH, the kid is 24. Not everybody’s Jon Larson; there are certainly exceptions, but generally you have to be older than that to have enough life experience to really draw on to write good theater.

This morning, some stocky fellow dressed like a leftover from the late 1970s was running a few seconds late for the train. As the train doors were closing, he jams himself into them and forces them open.

Now, the doors on this train are not like elevator doors. They will not re-open if they hit something while closing. They will keep closing and hold onto whatever’s between them, regardless of if it’s a purse, jacket or arm. If they we able to re-open, the trains would never be able to leave as people would be holding the doors open for their friend making their way down the escalator.

They’re also notoriously intolerant of being forced open. It’s not uncommon for a train to be damaged and taken out of service because some fool forced the doors open and broke the mechanism. Not a very good or robust design, but that’s what it is.

What makes this morning’s idiot special was that when he wedged himself into the closing doors and pried them open was that his watch got involved and was broken. Awww… Maybe next time he’ll remember that and not attempt to screw up several hundred innovent commuters’ morning.

Unless I was walking right next door, I wouldn’t walk anywhere with a prepared tray of cheese and unwrapped crackers. That was just stupid. Why not take the tray, the wrapped cheese and the wrapped crackers and the veggies and dip in baggies to the theater, and prepare it there?

Jai’s hair looks okay to me - it seems to fit him, and he’s young enough to pull it off. I didn’t notice Ted’s hair last night, but Carson’s hair always bugs me. He need a better cut or something. It seems thin and flyaway. He needs some PRODUCT!

Hrm… Bad hamsters put some other message here…

What got me most about this ep was the trip to Ikea and how there was nobody there. Out here, they’re always a step or two beyond mobbed.

Beyond that, I’m in total agreement on how silly he was to assemble the food trays at home and carry them to the theater. At least he didn’t “five second rule” the spilled crackers. Did Ted intentionally try to sabotage him by saying “Chop the veggies” but not giving instructions on HOW to do it? Great line that got lost: “It’s ALL seeds!”

But really, if you’re trying to sell yourself to producers, why not just grab the phone and have someone cater the nibbles? You’ve got enough on your mind with arranging the space and talent and inviting people to make it worth the cost of having someone who specializes in chopping crudites do the work.

And what’s with the tucking in just the front of a shirt to reveal the belt buckle and leaving the rest out? It looks like you were in a hurry in the bathroom.

Did anybody see the Fab 5 on Ellen Degeneres this week? The show had a hysterical opening.

For those who’ve never seen the show, Ellen frequently dances before or during or after her monologue (usually along with the whole audience). The announcer opened the show with “and now ladies and gentlemen, Ellen!”, the curtain’s opened and Ellen, her back turned to the audience, was dancing. The audience goes wild and dances.

Then out come the Fab 5- Kyan, Jai, Ted, Thom and… Ellen. That’s when the audience realized it wasn’t Ellen dancing but Carson. From the back they’re almost identical.

They seem to get a lot of these guys who are unkempt slobs, and I get the impression at times that they just want someone to come in and clean up for them without having to pay for it. People generally revert to type, so I would like to see his crib in about six months. And how hard is it to take a freakin’ shower and wash your clothes? This guy rated zero on the sympathy meter for me.

Oh, the irony. His play, Rent, is, IMO, a meandering mess. It did not give us a main character, who, in the first ten minutes grabs the audience with a quest for meaning of life that sucks us in (unless you happen to be one of the many homeless who are seeing a Broadway show). And the second act was completely without plot.

It would have been better if he simply said, “Whatever you do, don’t make it like Rent.”

Otherwise, an average and entertaining ep.