Who is your literary boyfriend?

Yay! I got Mr. Darcy!


Ron Weasley?!!?


You’re lucky. I got Edward Cullen. My life is over.


Although if I had to choose for myself, I’d pick Capt. Augustus McCrae.

Me, too! GAH!

points and laughs

I was going to complain about Ron Weasley until I saw someone got Edward Cullen. No complaints for me!

If I had to pick for myself…Well, I’d be here a while. Deciding. Yeah, that’s it, deciding.

Heathcliff? wtfNO!

I’m not gonna complain about getting Ron. I LIKE Ron.

OMG! I got Edward Cullen!

No thank you!

Also, since it seems to be based, from the questions, more on ‘which of these characters’ girlfriends are you most like’ than ‘which of these guys is your type’, I can totally deal with being compared to Hermione.

Where did I go horribly wrong?

ETA: I read the thread title and thought “hmm… Col. Fitzwilliam. He’s nice. He has a job that I more or less understand.” But no…

I can’t help but snicker at those of you that got Edward Cullen.

I got Rhett Butler, and I can live with that.
Of course, if I were to choose for myself, no question: James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser. :: swoon ::

Mr. Darcy. Suck it.

I took the test on my iPad and sometimes I hit the wrong radio button and this thing won’t let you go back, and I accidentally hit the wrong answer on “What do you do after a bad breakup?” I don’t even know what answer I picked, but it came up Mr. Darcy. Then I took the test again and gave all the same answers but answered that one correctly, and still got him!

Ah that makes sense, and I am double sorry for Sattua, since apparently she is like that little devil minx Catherine. I am actually currently re-reading Wuthering; it’s one of my favorite trainwrecks, ever.

ETA: I’d take Rhett Butler. I’d treat him far better that Scarlett.

That makes it worse!

I know, it means I’m moody, incompetent, clumsy, and possibly crazy. My life really is over.

Me too.

I got Ron Weasley, but that’s bullshit. Totally gay for Sam Vimes, here.

I got Heathcliff cuz I said my ideal first date was a long walk, I’m sure. It cancelled out my other answers.