Character from a book you just *SWOON* over

No contest… for me it’s just got to be Gus from ‘Lonesome Dove.’

If only I could meet someone as fun, witty, caring, and unique as darling Captain McCrae!

Who makes your toes curl us, just reading about them?

Gilbert Blythe…sigh…why does it take so long for Anne to recognize her true feelings?

from the Anne of Green Gables series. It takes three books for them to get engaged.

Claude Frollo! :smiley:

It’s because he’s such a powerful and intelligent character with vast amounts of knowledge.

Oh, I totally agree with the OP. I love Captain McCrae! I saw the mini-series long before I ever read the books, and I bawled like a baby every time I watched it…finally I just stopped watching that part.

Philip Marlowe.

Darcy in Pride and Prejudice. That sour temper and biting sarcasm, and intelligence and true taste, mmmmmmmmmm! [sub] Darcy even makes me write in sentence fragments ;)[/sub]My heart would literally flutter reading about him, and still does.

Jamie Fraser from Outlander and its sequels. I love him. Desperately. <sigh>

Faramir (The Lord of the Rings),

Hector (The Iliad),

The Marquis de Carabas (Neverwhere),

Aramis (The Three Musketeers),

But my One True Love is… errr…

Schmendrick the Magician from The Last Unicorn. :o Oh, I’m the geekiest geek who ever geeked.

Coeur de Fer in Marquis De Sade’s Justine. He’s so…bad. He’s a criminal…and sex crazed…and yet he acts very gentle and sort of almost nice to Justine, and wants to ‘protect her’ from other scoundrels. (Of course, he wants to do that by owning her, but still!)


Corran Horn from the Star Wars novels blush.

Potentially humiliating disclosure:
Jondalar from The Valley of Horses, when I was a young innocent thing.

Jamie Fraser, definitely.


Eric from Susan Kay’s “Phantom”. What more needs be said?

Sandor, Tyrion, Jon, Jaime, Robb, Gendry, Rhaegar, hell, damn near every male character from George R.R. Martin’s epic “Song of Ice and Fire” series. As a sidenote, I swoon for Daenerys and Sansa, too.

Legolas from “Lord of the Rings”. I WANT TO BEAR HIS CHILDREN.

John of Gaunt from “Katherine” by Anya Seton. I love him to pieces, though it’s kinda icky considering he’s an ancestor of mine.


That’d be a tie between Paksenarrion in the novels by Elizabeth Moon, and V.I. Warshawsky. I likes my women tough, I do… I’m embarassed because I just re-read the Arrows of the Queen trilogy, and I can’t remember the name of the main character… (quick Google search)… Talia!

Heathcliff from Wuthering Heights.

You know it that dark, brooding, jealous, haunted, I-shall-DIE-without-you kind of way. That Cathy never deserved him…lol

Alessandro Guiliani in Mark Helprin’s A Soldier of the Great War

Well, besides Mr. Darcy (who goes without saying, really), there’s Lord Peter Wimsey, and, um … Professor Lupin from the third Harry Potter. (I can’t believe I just admitted that, by the way.)

Larissa in Caleb Carr’s ‘Killing Time’

Atticus Finch. That voice! Those eyes! That…tallness! Oooh baby!

Most defintely Jamie Fraser for me.

Gus McGrae runs a close second though.