Warriors (includes Dunk & Egg)

There’s a new fiction anthology out titled Warriors, that includes the latest Dunk & Egg adventure from the Song of Ice and Fire world.

I bought it Saturday and have read parts of it to immense satisfaction.

The theme is, natch, warriors, but the cool thing is that it includes scifi, fantasy, detectives, historical fiction and humor.

Just some of the authors:

Lawrence Block
Steven Saylor
Robin Hobb
Joe Halderman
Joe R. Lansdale
Diana Gabaldon
S.M. Stirling
Robert Silverberg
David Weber
James Rollins
David Morrell

It was compiled and edited by George R.R. Martin and Gardner Dozois and seems to have been created and edited just for me.

Does the idea and/or experience stir anyone else?

Sounds awesome. I read the first review on Amazon and immediately added it to my wish list.

See? There he goes, working on other stuff when he could be finishing the Ice and Fire books. :wink:

It’s going on my wish list too, but I wish I could buy the Dunk and Egg stories separately.

Now, now, the next book in the Ice and Fire books will be out in fall of 2008. Martin said so himself.