Was Charlie ever seen?

I probably shouldn’t admit this,but i’ve watched a few episodes of Charlie’s Angels.
And i have to know,was Charlie ever shown at all?

Did they finally see him in the last episode or something similar?

No…he was always a voice

More specifically, his face was never seen - it was his hands, or his legs, or whatever. And he was almost invariably surrounded by a number of scantilly clad …ahem… assistants.

Well then i guess my next question is why was Charlie hiding from everyone but his “assistants”?

Social anxiety disorder?

Terrible case of acne?

If I recall correctly (and I’m ashamed to admit I recall at all) in the early episodes of Charlie’s Angels there was another character named Wilson. Wilson was Charlie’s representative and he, unlike Bosley or the women, regularly met with Charlie in person. His character disappeared, probably because he did nothing but show up, mention he had seen Charlie, and then sat back while Charlie gave everyone else their assignments via speakerphone.

I wasn’t really ever a fan (okay, maybe I was but I was five or something) but I think I recall an episode where you got to see Charlie.

IIRC, Charlie was kidnaped and the Angels went searching for him. They finally tracked him down and when they opened the door to where he was being held they saw that he had managed to break open the window and then was swimming (they were on an island or a boat, don’t remember which) towards a nearby boat. So you didn’t actually get to see his face but you still got to see him, sorta.

The voice of Charlie was, iirc, John Forsythe.

Of course he was!

He’s right
here! :smiley:

Oh, you mean on the show? No, Charlie was always a man of mystery. Come on, if you were a mega-rich guy that could afford to hire beautiful women to be private investigators, would you show your face to just any ol’ body? :wink:

Damn. I see that JohnT beat me to it.