Was drought, now rain...wet chooks.

Yeah, yeah, I know I’ve been complaining to ya Og for months now to send down some wet stuff from the heavens. Obviously you’re a bit deaf…either that or the messages on your Heavenly Mobile Phone Plan have been banked up somewhat and you recieved them all in one fell stoop. That’s cool, I’m not one to complain or nuffink, as a rule.

But for Christos’ sake, did you have to make it rain so vehemently today? I just planted some grass seed a coupla days ago, and now it’s all washed away. My poor chooks have been waddling around with wet feet, and Cluckingham Castle is about 4" under water. AND my kids who were at a dirty-filthy-hippie festival near Echuca called at lunchtime to rescue them from the mud and rain. Bloody hippies nowadays, ain’t as tough as they used to be heh. :smiley:

Anyway** Mr Rain Maker** You…enough is enough. The paddocks are awash and ready for planting, the gutters and roads are cleaner than they’ve been in many a long year, and my chooks are so wet and miserable that I’ll blame YOU if they cark it or go off the lay.


I sympathise Kambuckta.

I was sitting down to watch the races yesterday and it had the hide to rain in Melbourne and wash the races out!

As I sit in Perth where it hasn’t rained since November.

Tis interesting that with central Queensland now awash Menindee Lakes and the Coorong will get flooded and Lake Ayre will get it’s second filling within 12 months. It was thought a once in a generation fill last time. Maybe Adelaide will stop whinging, though probably not. Wonder whether the same explosion of life in crustations, fish, vegetation and waterbirds (and tourists) will occur again.

As to the 10cm hail stones in the City of Crown, there’s no doubt ya Og knows 'is onions.

Too much slang! Must rest weary head.

I missed out on the big hailstones yesterday. Somehow supersized weather always seems to happen where I’m not.

Imagine if the storm had hit a few minutes earlier during the Newmarket.

Did you get hail with it? We saw some chunks about a centimetre across - impressive!

Also, our roof is leaking. Not so impressive…

Chook: “book book, book book, book!”
Frog: “Read it”

Hey Adelaide aren’t whinging quite so much, we’re allowed to water any day of the week now and up to a maximum of 5 hours a week! Yay!

Next time you ask Og for rain you might want to specify a quantity, or build an ark first.

Based on my rural heritage, you never tempt faith, never be ungrateful for rain.

It’s “Send 'er down, Hughie”, and we’ll work out how to mop up any excess later.