Was Eliot Spitzer targeted by the Feds?

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Do you think that Eliot Spitzer was targeted for attempting to shine a light on the Bush Administrations involvement and complicity in what became to be the cause of the current financial crisis?

I am sure he was targeted,but he was still vulnerable due to his actions. They were on his case for a long time. he did a lot of good for the common folk and hurt some rich. That is dangerous.

http://www.financial-planning.com/asset/article/527390/aig-and-spitzer-announce-landmark-settlement.html Here where Spitzer got AIG to stop deceptive accounting practices and cover ups. This was is 2006.
Eliot was hit presumably because he had bank transactions which were flagged. It was later discovered that he was paying for big time hookers. Generally our politicians names are not even released. They were after him.

Whether they were out to get him would not have been relevant if he had not been gettable.

You can’t be the morality police if you’re immoral yourself.

My guess is that if Spitzer was targeted, it was more likely to have been one of his numerous political opponents in New York.

It’s kinda sad that his name is mud now because he could have proved quite useful in holding people accountable for this Wall Street mess.