Was Ice-T a pimp? Like, a real one?

I’ve got a friend who refuses to watch Law & Order: SVU because Ice-T is part of the cast. And Ice-T, supposedly, made his money as a pimp for a while.

Or did he? After a little searching, I find that he took his stage name from a semi-famous pimp/writer. And he raps about pimps. But was he really one?

And he mentions being a “real” pimp on the old HBO “Pimp’s up Ho’s Down” show. He says he was a pimp and a hustler before he started rapping. As “cred” happy as the rap world seems to be, I doubt he could get too far if he was just bullshitting.

Yes, he was a pimp as well as a jewel thief. It wasn’t until he got in a serious car accident that he got out of the crime lifestyle and into the rap lifestyle. He talks all about it in his Behind The Music episode.

Why would you not watch a TV show because one of the actors USED to be a pimp?

I would watch it because he was a pimp.

Well, I think it’s a disinclination to legitimize someone who’s made a living exploiting women. But I’m just reporting, not philosophizing.

Thanks for the info.

His song “That’s how I’m livin’” from the Home Invasion album covers a brief synopsis of his life.

I assume most of it is generally factual.

It is unusual that he’s portrayed as the avenger of exploited innocents on that show. A little fictional karmic payback, I guess.

That’s some twisted logic your friend has. I mean, if he were still a pimp that would be one thing, but the man doesn’t deserve to be boycotted because he gave up a life of crime.