Was/is Carlos Rossi a real person?

I’m sitting here enjoying a glass of Carlos Rossi wine, which is actually a little better than most of the el cheapo wines, and is certainly much better than Mad Dog.

I remember some years back television commercials for this stuff, and “Carlos” would say “I like talking about Carlos Rossi wine, but I’d rather drink it”. What I want to know is, is or was Carlos Rossi a real person, or just a commercial product invention?

What winery makes Carlos Rossi wine? I just Googled on “Carlos Rossi” and I can’t find a webpage that says who makes it.

It’s Carlo Rossi, and it’s made by Gallo. I would bet a large, yet unspecified sum of money that “Carlo Rossi”, the person, is fictitious.

O.K., that explains it. The funny thing is that “Carlos Rossi” is a pretty common misspelling. It appeared on a bunch of personal webpages. I should have known it didn’t make any sense, since it’s a half-Spanish, half-Italian name.

He was a real person, but his real first name was Charles, not Carlo.

Source: Wine Spectator

That doesn’t mean anything- plenty of people have Spanish first, Italian last names. Or the reverse. Or any other bizarre cultural clash you can think off. Doesn’t even mean that they are the ethnicity that the first name would suggest they are.

Is there any connection to the Martini and Rossi asti spumanti folks?

Hey, hey! Even after I spelled the name wrong! Thanks Bib!:slight_smile: