Was it something I said?

I’ve noticed a disturbing trend here at SDMB, and I must pose a question to the members. Whenever I post a new topic, or add my input to an existing thread, it is overwhelmingly likely that said topic will die a quick and quiet death.

My question, then, is WHY? Are my topics boring? Are my posts so full of wisdom (or some other substance) that nobody feels the need to continue discussion? Your ideas are welcome – I just hope this doesn’t mutate into a Great Debate, my ego could never stand the strain.

Cap’n Thred-Killa

Okay everybody, please don’t tell the Cap’n the truth.ssshhhhhh… :wink:

I have no idea. I just registered last night, so I can’t tell you anything. Sorry.

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I’m not sure why…it may be the topic but I’m sure that it’s nothing personal

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O’cakes, have I mentioned lately that you’re evil? :stuck_out_tongue:

Happens to me, too. In Great Debates. A thread that’s gone a couple hundred posts, I throw in a comment, and boom, down the list it goes.

Is it cyberhalitosis, or what? :frowning:

It’s probably because your screen name is so long that it causes all the data on very screen on which it appears to get scrunched up and look weird. Oh, wait, that’s some other guy…

I thought that only happened to me. Maybe your name puts them off. That and the bad breath. (That’s a Monty Python bit, not a personal reference)

Maybe it’s because your post was so authoritative that nothing else needed to be said.
Maybe it’s because everything relevant had allready been said.

Cap’n, give me a case in point and I’ll psychoanalyze it and give you the low down with no punches pulled.

We’ll get you back into the swing of things or die trying.

Recent polls revealed that some people have never been polled, until recently.

And I thought thread-killer was my job.

Don’t worry about it, matey.

It’s Craw, not Craw.

Everybody has a bout of thread kill every now and then. I’ve sunk quite a few.

Keep posting.

This is as good a place as any to determine whether you are in fact a thread-killer.

Last person to post to this thread is a thread-killer!

Sinking this to the bottom (as usual).

Hah! you wish…
(sigh, wannabe thread-killers…)

At least I know I’m not the only thread killer. Almost as bad though is the post that no one seems to notice or comment on. {echo effect:} HELLO! HELLO! hello…

I thought it was just me.
Is there any easy way to count how many times your post is the last one on a thread?
Is it smileys? :confused:
I hope not. :smiley:
Well if it is, :stuck_out_tongue:

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I know what I want to know
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Much as I’d like to leave Mangeorge’s post at the end for awhile, confirming him as a possible thread-killer, it wouldn’t seem right. He’s seems like a decent sort.

Besides, couldn’t do that to a fellow King fan.

Now if someone will return the favor?

OK, buy my drilling deal or I kill this thread!

Must be cause you need to get the last word.