Was it the sushi, or was it me?

Totally agree. Sushi is fucking tasteless. The portion sizes are asinine. And the pretension it horrific. When I see the rabid enthusiasm for sushi I see POSEUR.

You do realize it’s proper to eat with your hands, right? Much easier that way.

“The food is terrible! And the portions are so small!”

Sushi isn’t just rolls. If you want to taste more fish, you can get the nigiri or the sashimi.

Sushi-Yucky (Sukiyaki):

Click on the Listen link.

BTW, I loooooove sushi.

The only way to find out is to try better quality sushi.

Assuming you really want to know, and didn’t just post to complain.

Make sure you order it ikizukuri, don’t look it up. It’s more fun if you have it all revealed to you in the shop!


I like sushi. It’s not my favorite but it’s kinda tasty. It really depends on the place. I had something at a local sushi and teriyaki restaurant that was called a “Lobster Dream Roll” (name made up to appeal to ignorant Amurkins, I’m sure) and it was so delicious that eating it ought to be a sin. On the other hand, sushi from the grocery store is, in fact, frequently bland, rubbery, and tasteless.

Of course, it could be that you simply don’t like sushi. You’re still less wierd than my little brother, who puts Salmon Cream Cheese on Blueberry bagles, among other culinary abominations.

Honestly, is anyone still putting on airs over eating sushi? It’s been almost twenty years since the '80s. Eating sushi is about as exotic as eating a burrito.

Really. The poseur in this situation isn’t the person eating sushi, it’s the faux-populist.

If you can get sushi at a supermarket in a Southern city of 10,000 people, it’s no longer hip.

Not necessarily. Sometimes, it’s algae.

This is really weird. I’m reading this thread and have the TV on in the other room–can only hear it not see the picture. Jeopardy is on and they just went through one entire category. You guessed it–it was all about SHUSHI!!!

Me? Closest I’ve ever gotten to eating sushi was a California roll. Nope, not for me…

If it’s too big and you don’t like the rice, try sashimi. Tuna and salmon sashimi are both pretty mild and tasty. If you don’t care for it, eh, you just don’t like raw fish, no big deal.

Seaweed is a type of algae, isn’t it?

It’s always algae. That’s what seaweed is.

I’m a vegetarian, and I eat all kinds of no-fish sushi. If the stuff you’ve been eating is flavorless, the sushi restaurant probably sucks.

It’s not for everyone - no food is - but acting like people who like it are idiots isn’t a very mature thing to do.

luv2draw, I can’t stand California rolls. You might want to try something like a tuna roll before you decide sushi is not for you.

And for those who don’t like it, that leaves more for me. And now I know what I’m having for dinner.

Not really missing out. I once visited Bugs Bunny when he was hospitalized for pneumonia. He coughed up this enormous, thick loogy, and I snagged a piece of it and ate it. It was in all respects–color, texture, flavor, advisability–identical to eating sea urchin 'nads.

Quail eggs, though–those are just gross. Nowhere near in the same league as bunny phlegm.

That’s what I was going to say: no one fakes loving sushi anymore. I have sushi once a month at most, but when I have it, I LOVELOVELOVE it. If I had unlimited means, I’d have it at least once a week. It’s such a perfect, pure food, satisfying, and leaves you feeling light on your feet. I wouldn’t call it bland so much as subtle, and that’s what I find so great about it. I tend to go for stronger flavored foods, but every once in awhile I need to satisfy the desire for pure, unadulterated flavors. It took me about six or seven goes to “get” sushi (I remember, the first few times a girlfriend dragged me to get sushi I ended up at McDonald’s afterwards, so I could feel like I actually ate something), but once I grew accustomed to it, I just developed a craving for it. I just always feel so satisfied and “clean” after a nice lunch of sushi or sashimi. It really makes me happy.

You are right. I thought it was a different type of algae, but it is not.

I like Sushi…but the OP has some points and is funny if not somewhat exagerated for comic effect.

Chopsticks…hmmmm two rigid rods, which when brought together on opposite sides of an object with applied pressure can be used to manuever said object.

Wait I already have 5, no wait 10, no wait 15, no wait 20, oh here we go, 21 of them already.