Was jesus a big man in his day?


I know this is nitpicking but when i read this question in the long version I was hoping dear cecil would point out the fact that its impossible for "sightseers to view the matflower because the mayslower was turned into a barn the lumber i mean…

I apoligize for the fact that i misspeled Mayflower twice

When did that occur? I’m pretty sure the Mayflower sailed from Plymouth Rock later that following spring with the sailors who worked it.

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It is far from certain that the Mayflower really was made into a barn, though lots of people believe it was.

I’m noe exactly syre but I did see a very trustworthy television show where they showed a barn with a plac in it that said that this was the mayflower(in so many words)and then something about that at the time they really didny care about the historical vaue and just really needed lumber.

okay to fix my horrible typing ,i meant to say the following words and failed.Not ,didnt ,and value

And also “plaque.”

Are you asking if Jesus was famous and influential in his day, or if he was physically large?

BlueAngel: Cecil didn’t point out that it’s impossible for sightseers to tour the original Mayflower because he wasn’t asked to address the issue of “whether the Mayflower you can tour today is the real Mayflower.” Cecil was asked to address the issue of “the average height of males during Bible times.”

Cecil also didn’t point out that the Shroud of Turin probably isn’t really a “xerox” of Jesus, but again, that’s because he wasn’t asked to address that issue.

Fiver, I believe the OP is talking about height, and I believe Cecil has already answered the question.

Oh well cecil has been known to correct inacuracies in questions i seem to recall him not ansering a question for mentioning of a wrong worm disease although im not sure.