Was "John" from the infamous AOL cancellation call ever identified?

Has the AOL representative who dealt with Vincent Ferrari during the heavily discussed “AOL cancellation call from hell” ever been identified? Has he spoken to the press about his point of view?

I can’t answer the OP, but can provide links for context here.

The original print article, which you should read to get a deeper background, was in the NYTimes.

The second link is to the video of this seemingly bizarre incident.


This was a previous thread on our board about the incident.

Let’s confine answers to helping the OP if possible.

According to Leo Laporte (who had Vincent Ferrari on his radio show) the AOL customer service rep was certainly identified and actually fired by AOL. Leo (and Vincent) had wanted to get “John” on the show as well to discuss what happened.

Apparently Leo was able to get a hold of John but he was advised by his lawyers that he should do any public appearances. It’s likely (though just assumed) that he’s going to pursue a wrongful termination lawsuit or something.

You can listen to the show here in mp3 form.

Just to add, that AOL isnt the only ISP that does the same practice. I had People PC internet, and nearly same phone call. I told the rep “Cancel my account” verbatim like 10 times in a row.

Back in my retail days we were selling the old “get a computer free when you sign up for 2 years with MSN interent service!”
We could sign up people with a credit card in under 5 minutes.
However, if they wanted to cancel we were not allowed to do it. The customer had to call themselves to cancel and were typically on hold for up to an hour and were told it would take 2 billing cycles (2 months) to process the cancelation request.
Of course it was a bunch of B.S. and all the angry customers would beat us up over it since we were the middle man.