Was my topic deleted?

I had made a topic on the General Question board about video viewing programs. I simply asked which one was the best. Later I returned to find it…not there.

Was it deleted? Why?

Just wondering if perhaps I had posted something wrong.

Is this the thread you want?

I found it by clicking on the {search} button directly under your post.

Sorry about that, I was unaware of that feature.

I suppose the mod thought it wasn’t a general question…

Oh well, thanks for the help.

I thought it would fit better in IMHO than General Questions, so I moved it. There is always a thread in GQ containing the words “moved threads” which lets you know which threads have been moved and where. Sometimes it falls to the second or third page of GQ. The current one is Son of Moved Threads

WOW! I have been here for a long time and never even noticed that feature! Thanks!

I don’t know if moderators can be any more helpful.

I’m very impressed.

The old system we had before vBulletin made things a lot simpler for them. The old thread would be locked and then copied, so you could still find it on the original forum, but all responses would happen on the correct forum.

To xcheopis: my fervent thanks. I had never even considered trying that button, and now I am deeply enriched by knowing about it.

To the rest of the Boards: meet xcheopis.

She is named after a nasty variety of flea, which is inclined to spread typhus and bubonic plague, but she is of a sunny disposition and eminently sensible. She is a reader, likes Julian May, and is not strongly opposed to harems in North American homes, which in any case are likely to be located on a street or in in a suburb bearing her real-life surname.

She likes Vancouver, and has “geeky” friends there.

She loves to hear her boyfriend (carnie) play Lonesome Moonlight Night on his guitar (or mandolin); he is a nice man and he loves every part of her, even her baby toes which she considers unattractive.

I like her more, the more I know about her. Thanks again, jolie pucelle!

The “search” button, boon to doperkind!


And a boon to stalkers too! A clever way to check up on your favouritest people and stalk them round the boards. Not that I do that. Nuhuh.

Thanks Redboss, that was really sweet!

Andyrose200and PezPunk, you’re welcome. I’m glad I could be of assistance. :slight_smile:

Francesca, I’m shocked! Shocked, I say! Why, I never, never would consider such an idea. trying hard to look stern, affronted and innocent.

Hmmmm…it makes you wonder if every other message board on the web has the same feature…