Disappearing topic?

What happened to the “anal sex” question? I’ve searched manually and using the search function, but found nothing. Are “offensive” threads deleted without warning or notice?
It was getting a little risque, but interesting.

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Truly, and I have never heard of a thread being removed for content like this… It contained no offensive langauge, and was IIRC a rather clinical view of anal sex. I would like to know the official policy on erasing (as opposed to merely moving) threads, and if the management has any comments on this specific incident. Of course, the board management has the right to do whatever it pleases with its board, for it is theirs, but the normal rules of courtesy would seem to require at least an explanation as to why it was removed. It was certainly no more offensive than some of Cecil’s columns, unless it had taken a different turn between I had last read it (2:00 AM CDT 8/30/99) and when I noticed it gone (9:00 AM CDT 8/30/99).

Jason R Remy

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OP on that was hetherlee and she has apparently been expunged. I tried searches w/variations and checked a thread I know she posted to…gone, gone, gone. Missed whatever transgression…?


It’s dangerous to talk about these things.

My advice: Just forget about it and pretend it never happened…and don’t tell anyone that I gave you this advice!

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Have you guys noticed that all the threads initiated by heatherlee have been deleted?

I insist it was some kind of joke/experiment.

Her writing/ideas/expressions were inconsistent from post to post…

Oh, well…

As a wise Papabear once said in a forum far (well, not too far) away…

Who else is getting tired of seeing the phrase “Why was (fill in blank here) thread deleted?”

Man, I hope this doesn’t discourage other porn stars from posting…

I’m not vocal on this, but I sure would like to know what the hell the mods were thinking on this one. Loverock was one thing, but I hope the mods don’t get off on creating people any more, its really stupid, and make the mods more annoying than they’ve already become.

Its a shame a frank discussion of sex is unwelcome, next thing you know the images of my penis will be getting deleted…geez.

Guys, I’m tellin’ ya…cool it!..I was e-mailed this wekend and WARNED not to post anything that might create “ill feelings” toward the SDMB!..

…don’t say I didn’t warn ya!

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C’mon now, really?

I’m as serious as a heart attack! If you showed an e-mail address I’d forward the note to you.

In fact, by even participating in this thread, I’m likely to have my handle and all my posts erased.

I’ve already had about 100 posts deleted already in the Pit with one key stroke for an earlier incident of pissing off a mod…

Contestant #3

There are quite a few posts on the board by heatherlee, to my knowledge nothing has happened.

your humble TubaDiva

“Of course, the board management has the right to do whatever it pleases with its board, for it is theirs”
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True, Jason. But what is a forum without participants? Some impotent old professor, standing at a podium in an empty auditorium, yelling back at his own echos? :wink:
And I certainly hope hetherlee wasn’t just another loverock. I’d hate to think I was taken in so easily.

Tuba, you must be smoking crack, but I did a search and turned up two threads asking what happened to her, and two threads that contained one response from her. I know of at least 3 threads she initiated that are gone. and her profile stated that she had some 45 posts. I also went to her homepage, and found out she’s not a moderator creation. Is it possible that the content of her homepage mentioned only on her profile to my knowledge got her booted? Shame on you SD.

Thanks, TubaDiva, for the info. Must be something wrong with my browser, or something. Please supply a link to the topic under discussion in this thread.

Oh, c’mon, Tuba! Puh-leeze!

The only posts from heather are the ones she did NOT initiated. My last search shows 6 threads containing posts from her(?), and NONE of those was OP’d by “heather”.

I noticed something was wrong right after her first response to me in the “mixed ethnic groups” thread. Even asked if she was real.

What’s going on?

Did another search and found 6 more of her 31 posts, but none of the ones people are looking for.
This is the link for the search results, don’t know if itt’ll work this way or not.

(Wacked out link deleted - Nick)
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Sorry about that above link, messed things up eh?

Heres a correct one to her homepage

well, thank you for restating my exact point.

Jason R Remy

“No amount of legislation can solve America’s problems.”
– Jimmy Carter (1980)

Hey, guys! I just read a post from heatherlee where she says she’s Satan’s lover!

“Our” Satan?

Maybe he has some answers for us…

Sa… tan… Sa… tan… I’m invooooooking yoooooouuuuu!!!