Was phone call too much to ask?

Last night was my daughter’s last Girl Scout meeting of the year. I’ve had trouble with my cars lately and wasn’t sure if I could get her there. She really wanted to go, so her friend’s mother offered to give her a ride to and from the meeting.

I don’t know this woman well, but I do know her casually. Her little girl has slept over our house a number of times and I’ve always chatted with the mother at the Girl Scout meetings.

The meeting was over at 8:00 P.M. and I expected them home around 8:30 or 8:45 the latest.

By 9:00, they weren’t home yet and I began to be concerned a little bit. 9:30, they weren’t home and now I was worried. 10:00, not home yet and I’m really getting worried. At this time, my husband went out to see if he could still find them at the meeting place, but they weren’t there, the whole place was closed up. He’s driving around town looking for a sign of something but got nothing. When he called and told me that, I lost it. I was crying and shaking and thinking of something terrible happening to my little girl. It was now about 10:40.

I tried calling the Girl Scout leader’s house and there was no answer. I called the mother’s house and only got an answering machine. I was about to call the police when they finally pulled up and 11:00 P.M.

It seems that the mother decided to take the girls out for ice cream and spend a long time chatting with the Girl Scout leader and the ice cream place. I wouldn’t have minded that so much. IF SOMEONE WOULD HAVE FUCKING TOLD ME !

How hard could it have been to tell me ahead of time that’s what she was planning ? She’s got a cell phone, was it that difficult to call me and tell me where they were ?

I was a fucking disaster area !

What the hell is wrong with people?

So why didn’t you call her?

That was inconsiderate, although she probably never thought about whether you’d be worried, she thought she was being The Cool Mom taking them out for ice cream. She should have left her cell number for you though, without a doubt.

Knowing that someone has a cellphone and knowing what that cellphone’s number is are two different things.

But as the “honorary uncle” of several kids, I guarantee that parents need to know where their kids are and what is delaying them. And if they were entrusted to another adult to begin with, it’s not a problem provided that they’re informed of the delay and the reasons for it.

I agree Otto there was more than one breakdown here.

But I gotta side with ** dragongirl** who appeared to make the minor mistake of not getting the woman’s cell phone number first.

Or dragondaughter who didn’t think to ask that the mother call **dragongirl[/].

But the mom was the worst transgressor. She wasn’t bright enough to figure out that keeping somebody’s child out three hours later than expected was a very bad move.

dragongirl probably knows the backup plan by now:
-get cellphone numbers from car drivers
-train children to ask drivers to notify parents if there is a delay

  • ask driver to call if there is a delay or change of plans

I knew she had a cell phone, but she told me it’s one of those prepaid ones that she only uses in an emergency. She never gave me the number, but I never asked either.

I don’t hold my daughter responsible, she doesn’t know how to tell time yet.

I work with my son’s youth group and I always let the parents know if there’s a change of plans.

Off to MPSIMS.

If your daughter is too young to know how to tell time, 11 p.m. might be later than you would want her out. The other mom should have at least run her plans by you.

I had thought Dragongirl’s daughter was around 10 or so. That’s about 4th grade.

been there, done that! it’s frustrating to find out, after the fact, that others aren’t as considerate with your kids in their care, as you would be if their kids were in your care… to me, it’s common sense to call a parent if I’m going to be really late in returning their child, but others might not think so, unfortunately.

Consider it yet, another life-lesson learned for both you and the other parent… true she should have called you, but also true that you should have insisted her cell #… nxt time just say it’s a pet peeve of yours and you’ll only phone, if YOU think it’s absolutely necessary.