Was Skinwalkers so bad that they pulled it?

I saw a few adverts for Skinwalkers It was supposed to be released August 10th.

It looked pretty mediocre, but I was gonna give it a try. But when I look for Showtimes it says there are none available.

Was it so horrible that they pulled it and it is going direct to DVD?

It’s playing where I am. A glance at Rotten Tomatoes shows that it has a pitiful 6% fresh rating from the critics there, but that’s never stopped a studio from releasing shit before.

Eh, PG-13 horror. Fuck them.

Definitely playing at my theater.

Definitely being overshadowed by Bourne and Rush Hour, though.

I wanted to see it. When it was coming out Christmas of 2005. No typo. They’ve been “going” to release it for close to two years now. It will probably not be very good. Heads up, this one is in the same boat, so it’ll probably be awful too.

Re: Whisper: How could a movie that stars Josh Holloway and has, as keywords, “Sex in Car” be awful?! Inquiring minds…

I’m surprised they got away w/ that title. Skinwalkers is the title of a novel, by Tony Hillerman. It one of a series of his books centering around the Navaho Tribal Police.
At least two of his books have been adapted for film.

Can’t copyright a title, but you can trademark it.

Oh, and while IMDB doesn’t mention anything about it, after I saw the trailer, I got the distinct impression that Skinwalkers is a remake of this film, which I could also swear had the title Skinwalker attached to it at one point.

I remember; pretty good book. But you can’t copyright a title; I could make a crappy movie and call it Citizen Kane if I wanted.

Is Skinwalkers really PG-13? Oh, dear, that is too, too lame.

Hillerman was writing about a real Navajo (and Norse according to Wiki) belief. It doesn’t matter that he gave a book that title. Even beside the fact that you can’t copyright titles, you can’t claim reality as your property. Anybody can write about real life and anybody can call it by the name that it has in real life.

Ok, but Hillerman is a prolific author whom you’d expect to know, or his agent/publisher to know, enough to trademark the titles. Even if “skinwalkers” is a historical subject, wouldn’t a trademark prevent others from using the exact same title?

He’d have a tough time trademarking it’s a somewhat common term, sort of like you or I trying to trademark "water.’ Hillerman could trademark “Tony Hillerman’s Skinwalkers” as Tom Clancy has done with Splinter Cell, and then he could sue, but what would end up happening in all probability, is that there’d be an out of court settlement with the filmmakers simply agreeing to put a disclaimer on their materials indicating that there was no connection with Hillerman, and Hillerman not getting any money.

I saw it with my GF, we had free tickets and she thought it would be good. It was showing on a small screen, I didn’t know the theatre had screens that small. There were only like 10 seats on each row in the room.

Anyway, it wasn’t so bad. There’s a legend (isn’t there always?) that a 13-year-old boy can cure werewolves. The good werewolves want to be cured but the “evil” ones don’t. It was more like a Sci-Fi channel movie than something to see in the theatre, but other than the long drawn-out ending it was ok as far as B-grade werewolf movies go.

Plot-wise it sort of reminded me of Terminator 2, including a big showdown in a factory at the end. Had some gunplay too, not just teeth and nails.

Whatever the Navajo connection may be, the title ‘Skinwalkers’ just comes across as retarded. Like they paired up random words that sounded cool. Kind of like when I saw a trailer for The Astronaut’s Wife in theatres and everybody laughed after the name was spoken aloud.

Agreed. Horror movies just flat-out shouldn’t be anything less than R.

The poster for this movie confused the hell out of me. Not in the “I want to see it” way - I not only couldn’t figure out what the title meant, I never figured out that it was about werewolves instead of vampires.

I just find it hard to be impressed by humans who have “the animal gene” when I can glance over and see one of my cats batting around the cap of a ballpoint pen.

You’ve obviously never spent an engrossing hour with a pen cap.

Can’t say that I have, truth be told.

I couldn’t figure out why I kept thinking this movie was going to be about Replicants, and then I remembered the term “skin jobs” and it fell into place.

Huh? What’s the skinwalker legend have to do with vampires?