Was The Watergate Scandal fortold in the Bible?

One of my crazy fundamentalist in-laws insists that Watergate and the fall of president Nixon was fortold in the bible. This foolish woman believes all the crap her pastor spews out…so for you bible experts, where is this “prophecy” located? And (secondly) what on earth does watergate have to do with Christianity?:smack:



The burden of proof is not on you, but on your friend. Challenge her to point out where in the Bible she sees this prophecy.

The basic problem with the claims of Biblical prophecies is that in reality, anything can be said to be a “Biblical prophecy” with varying levels of ambiguity and vagueness. Scriptures can be interpreted thousands of different ways and they’re likely to be twisted into whatever the crazy person of the day wants to make them into.

Bible code (rearranging letters/words to “find hidden messages”) is even more ridiculous, because after enough rearranging and finnagling, one could find literally anything within the text. This book on Bible code mentions Watergate in the description, so perhaps that’s why the nutso pastor read it: http://www.amazon.com/Bible-Code-Michael-Drosnin/dp/product-description/0684849739

In short, no, there is nothing in the Bible that specifically predicts any significant historical event that’s not a result of people manipulating the text to *make *it a prediction.

Yes it was. I know because that was actually a question on “Hollywood Squares” back in the day. Peter Marshall’s answer even told which book (but not chapter and verse), but I don’t recall it. Possibly Luke.

The words “water gate” are used in Nehemiah, chapter 8.

You can always down load a free bible and do word searches for terms she says are there. Sorry no mention of a Watergate Scandal listed. Seeing as how studied the bible is, how come didn’t the pastors and priests in this country warn all their flocks before it happened. Especially her pastor who is as wise as Solomon.

And, really, that would make it a postdiction. Unsurprisingly, you can bend almost any piece of text to fit after the fact. If someone can quote a Bible passage and state clearly what it predicts before it happens (and not some ordinarily-predictable occurance like tides or sunrises) and then it actually happens that way, I’ll be interested. If they can do that repeatedly, I’ll be impressed.

It’s stuff like that that makes me so glad to have such a thoroughly Anglo-Saxon name. :slight_smile:

Just remember that Charles Manson backed up his brand of theology with biblical references, too.

The Watergate scandal was not foretold in the Bible.

However, your in-law’s belief that the Watergate scandal was foretold in the Bible was itself foretold in the Bible.

Tell her that, and see what she thinks.

Also that her birth was foretold by P.T. Barnum, and that only 1,440 people of her rare qualities are born each day.

Well, P.T. Barnum didn’t really say that, but you get my point.

Indeed, then- all of Nostradamous’ famous prophecies are all “postdictions” (good word! :cool: )- no one has yet ever predicted anything by them, although *after the fact *there are some interesting matches.

There’s also a fair amount of overly general stuff, too, that anyone with a bit of insight could predict. I’m sure that there’s somewhere in the Bible that says something about politicians being dishonest and corrupt, and doing unethical things to gain power. Is that a prediction of Watergate? Well, sure, in general, but there’s a lot that doesn’t tell you.

There is a thorough debunking of this here. IMO one of the best refutations is that the same techniques were used to “predict” assinations in Moby Dick (despite the disadvantage English has over Hebrew when doing pattern matching of this kind).

The Straight Dope addressed this topic in 2001.

I LOVE these people! Have some fun with her. Start by telling her that the Bible foretold that YOU would see her future. Explain to her that she’s going on a trip and will meet someone along the way with a name that starts with the letter S. Or is it J? Tell her it looks like a SORT of long trip, but it might be very brief. Tell her she has a piece of jewelry given to her by someone very close to her that she holds dear. Say she occasionally feels like being alone.

Then charge her $40 for the “reading.”

The irony is that Nixon swore the oath of office on a Bible.

Well, the Bible did predict the election of Reagan.
Revelation 13:8
Here is wisdom: The one who has understanding must calculate the number of the beast, because it is the number of a man. His number is 666.

I’ve added it up:

So, you can use the Bible to predict anything!

Ask her to go to her sources (pastor, or whatever) and find even one example of an actual prediction: a specific, detailed event that a person said the bible predicted and that then happened the way he said after he said it.