Was there a Hotmail virus doing the rounds recently ?

A non-techie friend suggested my Hotmail account may have recently infected her 'puter. Something is certainly up as I’ve been getting a lot of mail bounced back as ‘Delivery Status Notification (Failure)’, always from company or Gov’mint servers. Not sure how that could happen as I don’t open attachments, nor visit span web sites. But I guess it could have…

Anyway, that’s the last straw for me and Hotmail. Pastures anew.

Just wondering if anyone is aware of something being afoot and whether they had to do something to resolve the problem for themselves or their correspondents ?

Does it come with 100-200k attachments? I’ve gotten several Klez emails that match your description.

If it’s the klez.worm virus, it might not be anything to do with Hotmail. This virus sends itself from account A (the infected computer) to address B but makes itself look like it’s come from address C (a name randomly selected from account A’s address book). You could be that unfortunate address C, in the address book of a mutual friend/acqaintance who shares both your and your friend’s email addresses.

Yeah, and while we’re on the subject, I cannot believe the cheek of Microsoft trying to charge for Hotmail. I chose to pay for Yahoo mail because it’s largely spam-free (though has been getting worse lately), offers POP access, the online interface is clean and simple without tons of pop-ups or push advertising. Why the hell would anyone pay for what MS are offering?

Yahoo! is also moving towards paid accounts, so the daylight between them is lessening. I believe POP access on Yahoo! is now only available if you have paid for the premium account.

Yeah, that’s why I paid! :stuck_out_tongue:

I just don’t know what it might be. After she mentioned the problem I ran Norton’s Corporate Edition again as well as a Trojan detection programme on my pc and they found nothing here. With the Firewalls and other bits and pieces, I doubt whether it’s me…might be something at the Hotmail end – I did notice they’re requiring passwords now when, before, I could just go straight in.

I agree jjimm. The idea of being spammed to near death every day and paying for the privilege seems absurd. Finally time to move on, I think.

Adios Billy Goat Gates.
Just tinkering with Eudora now and thinking about my web-based mail options…

Cheers chaps !

Last I checked (today) I still have the “check other mail” feature on my free Yahoo account.

That’s strange. I have the option too, but I’m convinced I read in the usual IT news sites that Yahoo! was refusing to offer free POP access any more.


The Register to the rescue – Hotmail charges for POP, and both Lycos and Yahoo! have announced that they will charge. I presume they haven’t implemented the change yet.

Yahoo implemented the no-pay-no-POP rule about 3 or 4 months ago - that’s why I gave them 20 smackers for the year.

Odd. They implemented it, but it’s still working? I just checked this second to make sure, and sure enough, the option was there, I checked my POP3 e-mail, and it downloaded fine. I wonder how much longer I’ll have this option. It really doesn’t matter as I also have an account at www.pianoforum.net/mail which allows you POP3 access.

That is odd, coz it stopped working on me a while back - returned an error message saying words to the effect of “Cough up boddy”. So I did. Maybe they’re phasing it in.