Was there a McDonalds near Broadway and Barry back in the 70's?

Anyone remember a MickeyD’s in this part of the neighborhood?

Just south of Belmont across from the Lake Shore Theater. I think they closed back in the early 80’s if I am not mistaken.

Yep. If I’m not mistaken the building was still there as late as 1987. I remember because it was so odd to see a McDonalds that was all boarded up and sitting empty.

I don’t know about the seventies, but in the late eighties, there was a Burger King at Broadway and Barry. It was right on the SE corner where the CVS is now.

Yes there was.

Ray Kroc would take a dump in its bathroom every morning.

Thanks folks!

The McDonalds questions came up tangentially in a discussion about the old, family run gyros place that was just south of Briar on Broadway (think it was called ‘gyros on the spit’, but we knew it as ‘George’s’). It was before my time in the neighborhood, but I found it strange that a McDonalds actually closed down- seems once they go up they’re as hard to kill as ivy.