Was This A Foreignor Song? Please ID...

People tell me this was a Foreignor song, but I don’t think so. Although not a bad guess, I don’t think it was Lou Gramm solo, either. This song is from 1992-1993ish. It was an upbeat song by a male vocalist or male band on pop and/or rock stations when such songs were becoming endangered species. Can you ID these lyrics? Correct title and artist, please:

The chorus says:
“Don’t you know one cruel word is gonna lead to another, then we’ll have nowhere to go! Even if heaven and earth collide tonight, whatever happens, it’ll be all right…”

Someone suggested to me it might be called “Just Between You and I”, but wasn’t there another song by this title already? Any enlightenment greatly appreciated - regarding either song!

C’mon, where are the Sdope Rock ‘n’ rollers who know their stuff inside and out? All help and WAGs welcomed!!!

  • Jinx

The song you are looking for is called “Just Between You And Me” and it is a solo number by Lou Gramm

Hope This helps.

Chris W