Was this part of the plot in "Mercy" offensive to Koreans/Asians?

My wife watched Wednesday’s episode of “Mercy”, so I was subjected to it. :frowning: During the show, Veronica was approached by an older Korean woman, a mother of a patient, who touched her abdomen and told her she was pregnant. Veronica told her friends about this, and her friends all did the cliched “Well, Asian people know these things”. It was so overplayed I felt sure they were going to turn the cliche around by having the old woman say something like “I didn’t really know - I’m from Brooklyn” or something. But no, they didn’t do anything that creative (this is “Mercy”, after all).

It turned out the old woman was wrong, and Veronica wasn’t pregnant. That was slightly subversive of the cliche, but it was still weird.

Later, when the old woman’s son went into cardiac arrest, all of his relatives stood around and sang while the doctors worked to save him. At least that wasn’t a cliche, but it still seemed strange, like having a Native American family do a rain dance in the middle of the ER.

The whole subplot just seemed so out of place for a 2009 show. It reminded me of the stupid “Ancient Chinese secret” commercials from the 70s. Asian dopers, would you find this offensive? Any other reaction?