Wasp/hornet nest INSIDE the window-what to do?

So today it’s really nice here in MA and I had my bedroom window open. One of the cats was lounging on the sill and I noticed that she kept staring up. So I got up to look and what do I find but a small wasp or hornet nest inside my window, stuck to the bottom of the top pane. I immediately closed the glass so that none would fly into my bedroom.

The screen is an old-fashioned kind that I cannot just slide up and quickly fling the nest out with a stick and then slam it shut. I can’t use hornet spray because this is in my bedroom, and the spray will get on my furniture and on the windowsill where my cats recline.

Do you think it’s feasible for me to sort of dislodge it into a glass, cover the glass up really quick, and then do “something” with it? I don’t know, I hate to kill them but I’m afraid if I take it outside they’ll have their revenge on me. Would they try to come after me? I guess I could put it in the freezer if that’s the best option. The nest is small; about an inch and a quarter or half in diameter. Leaving the window closed until winter won’t work as it’s my only one.

Advice is appreciated.

Edit: I just checked on them thinking they’d be asleep (it’s nearing dark here) and they’re just as lively as ever. There are wasps on the outside of the nest.

If you try to do something with their nest, yes, they will come after you.

Your plan about the glass and putting it in the freezer might work, if you decide to go this route do it at night (a cool night, if you can manage it) when they will be less active, and wear heavy gloves and long sleeves. Work fast.

Myself, I would have no qualms about killing them. I would probably use the hornet spray. You wouldn’t need much for a nest that size, and since you should be able to get real close to it I don’t think the spray should go everywhere. They make cans that shoot quite a thin stream these days.

Less active? I was hoping they’d be NOT active at night. As in sleeping or whatever it is that wasps do.

Leaving that window shut for the next 5 months is starting to sound good.

I guess I might try the spray. Maybe I can spray it quick and then slam the window shut until they all die. I am probably irrationally afraid of being stung and this seems like the best way to avoid that.

Well they don’t normally fly at night, for one thing. And since they can’t regulate their body temperatures (not individually anyway) they will be more sluggish on a cool night. But I’m not sure insects like that sleep per se.

(If I understand you correctly the nest is outside the glass panes of the windows but inside the screen, yes? Can you see how they are getting through the screen to the outside? If you can’t close off this hole somehow (after you deal with the nest) you may have the same problem all over again.)

BTW I am in MA too and I just found out I have wasps in my attic. They are hiding in the insulation somewhere, I can’t see the nest. I am going to have to call in the professionals.

Spraying them is much less dangerous than handling the nest. They won’t make the connection between you and the spray hitting the nest, they just think its raining or something. A few minutes later they are all dead.

Spraying it quick and slamming shut the window is exactly how I would do it.

That’s exactly it - the next is between the screen and the glass, so if the window is open they can just fly into the room but when shut, they can’t. There’s a small hole in the screen right near the nest. I’ll have to tape it up. It’s not fixable with new screening.

I have seen a few bees and wasps in my attic (dead) and I’m not sure how they’re getting in. If there is a nest in the crawl space, I can’t hear them and I sure as hell am not going in to check.

Is this window reachable from outside? If it was and you put tape over the hole all the wasps would be dead in a day or two.

No, it’s a second-story window and I can’t reach it from outside.

Why would they be dead so quickly? Because they can’t leave for water?

With a second floor window, you can still use the spray. Look for a can that advertises dealing with distant nests. They should say how long the spray will shoot, 20 or thirty feet should be pretty common. Close your window and just hose down the screen.

A nest as small as you say can’t have much food stored in it. They gotta eat. I imagine water would be an issue too.


But, seriously…mix a very strong solution of soap & water, & soak the nest.

Bugs & all.

They’ll die, rather quickly.

Works well for me.

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You’re right that spraying is less dangerous, but they don’t necessarily have to make the connection between the person spraying and the attack - the OP’s nest is a small one, so it should be quite a safe operation, but for larger nests - those of yellowjacket wasps - where there may be thousands of adult insects in there, they will swarm out of the nest and start radiating out, stinging everything in sight if the nest is attacked, including if it is sprayed.

I’ve observed this on a couple of occasions - one time, I was within the dangerous radius and was badly stung, but more recently when I destryed a football-sized nest, they came out and attacked nearby inanimate objects such as trees and fenceposts, attempting to sting them.

But as I say, the OP’s nest is tiny - there might only be the quuen present at this stage - the first brood of adult workers might still be in the larval or pupal stage.


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They didn’t get me yet. This thread has struck the fear of god into me and the idea of leaving that window shut until winter is lookin’ good. Last night I was only hot in the motionless air for a little while before I fell asleep.

There are definitely a few adults in there. It’s one of those little gray nests with a bunch of holes on the outside. They go in and out of the holes. I won’t be able to do anything to it until at least tomorrow night. I’d like to spray it from the outside, like slitterst suggested but the position of the next and height of the window makes it seem that that’s not going to work.

These are the times I wish I were married and could dump this off on a big manly man. Or at least one who doesn’t mind being stung.

This happened to me once. I sprayed it and slammed the window shut. In very short order, they were all dead. I was able to get the nest out and clean the window sill. It’s not too bad with the spray. You can do it, you don’t need a man to help you! The whole operation will take less than 15 minutes, seriously.

Also, unless you’re allergic, getting stung by a wasp is only painful for a little while. In about half an hour, it’s like it never happened. I’ve been stung many times. Much less painful than a bee sting IME.

I have found a Super Soaker water rifle, available in your local toy department, is great for blasting and demolishing second-story wasp nests. Spray then run inside. If you don’t kill them all with the Soaker, they will be drenched and less apt to fly when you head upstairs and bury them in insecticide.

This is not a guaratee, warranty, or prediction.

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