Wastin' away again, only not in Margaritaville

I am bummin’ big time. Got the weekend off so I could go see Jimmy Buffett tonight at Irvine Meadows. Show has been cancelled, and here I am with a free weekend and nothing to do.
There’s a hideous thing going on here in Palm Springs called Rocktoberfest, with old time (I mean 50s and 60s) music and poodle skirts and hot cars. I suppose I could stick around and check it out. The nearest IKEA is in West Covina, I could drive there and wander around aimlessly. I love the beach, but seriously folks, if I wanted some sun I would just stay home by the pool. I guess it boils down to the fact that I hate driving, and I can’t talk Mr. Beckwall into taking me to Santa Barbara or someplace nice. Crap. Sigh. No fun for the wicked, I guess.

Hmmmmmmm, Vegas is only 4 hours away…

Go on, go to Vegas.