Wasting away to nothing...

Okay, the title is a little dramatic but I’m starving!!!

“So go eat something, dummy!”

But I can’t! See, I got my tongue pierced two days ago. It hurts and I can’t eat anything with out chomping down on it, pulling it and making it hurt even worse. whine whine I’m on a soup/pudding/applesauce (thanks again for the idea, Euty! I’d forgotten about applesauce) diet for an undetermined amount of time. I’m hungry. Real hungry. For food. Real food. And I keep thinking to myself Dear god, what if this lasts forever?! but I know that’s not true. I’m just glad I don’t have to work tonight.

So, what’re ya’ll having for dinner?


Don’t forget about mashed potatoes (throw in some garlic) and yogurt too.

If you’re that hungry, I know of quite a few mommies and daddies that have tasted their babies food and they say there are some very good varieties… You might feel silly buying it but you need your nutrition and food.

Oh, and to your question? I am actually thinking about getting a gryo and a side of rice with saffron from a local mediterranean market here.

< one of the few reasons I refuse to get other parts of my body than my ears pierced > :wink:

Baby, the other, other white meat.

TMI ALERT: Mmmmmm… Baby I’m not linking you to the actual picture, just a page that takes you there, for the sake of your eyes.(Mods if you find something wrong with the link feel free to delete it)

Hey there Silver.

Ah, a tongue piercing; how YOU doin’? Or something to that affect. :smiley:
I hope it feels better soon, darlin.

I’m not sure what I’m having for supper. Eating’s not on top priorities lately (though it never really is), so it’s still kinda up in the air. Chicken Lasagna is currently the front-runner.

Mercutio…dude…that is truly disgusting.
I don’t mean “Disgusting, haha.” Nope, I mean just utterly disgusting. Goes to show I should have thought about what the link could be before looking at it (and read the discription of linked pictures much more carefully).

I now know what I’ll be having for supper tonight: nothing.

How could I forget potatoes? Thanks, TC. :slight_smile:

Mercutio, that’s gross. Sick. Nasty. Bad, bad, bad. Yuck.



:: puke::

Well, at least I’m not hungry anymore.

Hi Rob! It should be okay in a day or two. I hope.
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It’ll be back to normal in a coupla days, except for the metal sticking outta your tongue. Then you can eat real food, but watch out for cheerios, they’re really bad at making you chomp down really hard on the stud.

And you’ll soon develop really bad habits of clicking it on your teeth and driving everyone crazy. It’s grand.

I had mine for 10 months before I got rid of it. It’s cool, but it’s hell on the teeth.


Oh, I had pizza and ice cream. Try ice cream, the non crunchy kind.

And I didn’t dare follow Mercutio’s link. I don’t want to lose my supper!

You might also try some cottage cheese. With a little celery salt, quite yummy to me.

I lied. I’m starving. Mmm… Pizza.

Tat, I’ve eaten about a gallon of ice cream in the past two days. It gets old after a while, you know?

Thanks Euty, you squeezable sweetie! :slight_smile: ← That one’s supposed to be there, so you know. Hehe.

My brothers just got home. They went to grab something to eat. Tacos and nachos. They’re cooking right now. I can smell it. I want to kill them. That’s so cruel! Couldn’t they just eat out at Taco Bell or something? Or get something that I didn’t like so much? Or get me something? Assholes. :frowning: I suppose I’ll have some pudding. I bought enough yesterday (the little snack packs) to feed an army for a decade. Yum, yum.

I just had mine done about 6 weeks ago, and I sympathize :slight_smile:
I ate lots of ice cream, overcooked macaroni and cheese, tomato soup and chocolate milk. I had mine done on a Friday, and by Tuesday I was eating normally.

Since I am now all healed, tonight I will be having some homemade chicken mushroom soup. Yum!


You could email Nymysys and ask her what she did. One of her earliest posts was a mention of her piercing.

As for what I had to eat tonight (that was your actual question, right?): I made a simple salad and grilled up some chicken in a garlic teriyaki sauce, diced that up and tossed it with some croutons. Oh, and a big glass of Nestle Quik.

Pork cutlet, mashed topatoes, some tacos, fries and root beer.

I’m sick. And I had dairy. Plenty of it. Did I mention the two glasses of milk and the cold?

I went throught the drive-thru at Burger King and picked up a BK Broiler (chicken) + bacon combo. :wink: I watched the sunset & and some pretty ladies at the University of Richmond while eating my meal. The jazz concert was good.

I had my tongue pierced a year and a half ago, and boy, I do not miss being hungry and sore like that. Mashed potatoes are good, and scrambled eggs. If you feel like actually chewing on something, I recommend french fries. Stick 'em in on the side of your mouth and chew away. This way you don’t have to maneuver it with your tongue. I also recommend milk shakes. Good stuff. When it got really bad I sucked on ice chips. That helps to numb the whole thing and it’s not as painful. I feel I need to warn you though… Don’t play with it. I know you’ll want to show it off and all that, but it is not worth going to the dentist afterwards. And as soon as you’re all nice and healed, change your stud to a shorter one. ASAP.

Jell-o works fantastic in these situations… especially green Jell-o…mmmmm :smiley:

hmmm… spring has come to us… good idea. Roll out the grill, toss a steak on… just flame kiss it… sear the outside, bloody red on the inside… maybe put a potato in foil, put that up there too, some salad…

 Sour cream or butter on the potato. Your choice...

Cut into that beef, juices running over my knife, lift that chunk of juicy meat to my mouth… (Peter Luger sauce optional)

Oh. You can’t eat? Sorry.

[sub] Ain’t I a sadistic bastard…[/sub]

I can speak! How great it is, I can speak and I can speak normally! (Well, almost normally. Today I sound like I only have 6 pounds of shit in my mouth instead of 12. :smiley: ) I had mashed potatoes and chicken gravy last night (thanks TC!). It was good and filling and I’m not sick with hunger this morning, so it’s all good.

Soda, I have a shorter one already. A couple of them. And a few spikes and some hooks and a few textured balls and some glow in the dark ones and this one that’s black and has a picture of a hand with its middle finger up and a hollow tube one that comes with those glow sticks that you get on the 4th of July… I’ve been planning this piercing for a long time. :slight_smile:

I ate a few goldfish crackers last night. It was fine and everything until I realized that there was absolutely nothing in the house to drink. No milk, no juice, no soda. I freaked because I had all these goldfish stuck in my teeth and no way to pry the pieces out. Then I remembered that there was such a thing as water and so I drank that. Then I brushed my teeth. A lot.

Happy 1500 lurkernomore! [sub][sup]You bastard![/sub][/sup]


[sub]heard of it…[/sub]

Hi Silver!!
::waves wildly::

Hi poohpah!!! smooch :slight_smile: