Ahhh!! Boredom!!! In The Form Of Starvation!!!

Well, its 11 35.

You know what that meanS!(well, you don’t…)
I’ve been starving myself for “the children” in third world countries for… 11hours and…36 minutes.

So far, I’ve watched the movie swordfish, drive me crazy, made fun of various poeple, pulled some laz-ass poeple on MY sheet while on film, complained about my stomach being, you know, empty(I haven’t eaten since… 8ish this morning and Then I finally got chance to go on the computer.

So this would be my on lifeline. I need your support poeple! We’re not allowed outside of the school. I have to spend the next 20 hours and 20 minutes with theses poeple. These poeple that have been arguing over a chair for the last 10 minutes…no, 11.

I don’t know why I’m complaining… I did sign up for this, after all… but I didn’t know it was gonna be so boring… The fun starts at 1. we’re going to play hide-and-seek in the dark. Then I’m going to sleep and hopefully wake up un-tired.

Whats REALLY fucked up is that the only computer in the school that lets me use Livejournal is in the computer lab. And the computer lab hours tomorrow are going to be 4-7 AM. thats just not fair. I’m HOPING I can stay awake that long…
I have to let someone else on this computer for a few minutes… please, talk to me poeple! help!

I’m talking, I’m talking! :smiley:

Here, a webcomic to keep you occupied: http://somethingpositive.net I warn you, that humour in that one is a little dark. If that isn’t your thing, try http://www.megatokyo.com instead. :slight_smile:

They don’t work… we havea"bess"… this rabid little dog that says “sorry, we can’t go there” everytime we try to go to a website with anything semi-interesting on it.

Its a real shitty deal.

I’m being beaten with an empty pop bottle whilst I write these words

Maybe while you’re there and bored, you could learn how to spell. Booger nugget. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope you’re having fun, and you got some sleep. If it helps, you can think of us down here in the rain. Or, you could try playing the games at this site. They’re all so cute your eyes will bleed. Right up your alley.

!!!I finished! I got kicked off the computer, so I had to go do something else. We played hide-and-go-seek in the dark and I got scared and it was scary.

Then, we crashed in the middle of a hallway. We got a whole 4 and a half hours of sleep! Yay for me!

I spent the entire day reading. For like, almost, like, 7 hours.

I’ve so far eaten 2 pieces of lettuce and some m&m’s. I’m waiting for the damned potatoes to cook… its a very painful process…

I played bingo today, and I almost one like, 3 times, but everytime I needed ONE more, someone go a bingo. And that made me sad.

I’m going to go eat now…