Do people here have a life?

Not to be picky about the personnel who frequent this boards–you’re all fun great people Im sure. The problem I have is that all the boards are about…well how should I put this…Geek TV Stuff.

I mean, The Mole? THe Lone Gunmen? DVDs, watching movies at home and Buffy the Vampire Slayer? Lets face it. 20+ years of having Cecil work at fighting ignorance and the best we can get is cheesy TV and X-Files spinoffs.

Now before I get a bunch of posts ripping me for being hypocritical, I just want to say that I’ve only been to this board twice, I dont even have my own computer and I dont spend more than 30 minutes a day on my roommates here. I’m in Minneapolis where it is below zero every f**king day and I still spend more time outside than I do on this technology that modern invention has brought us. (But apparently is really used to discuss Sarah Michelle Gellars lip gloss more often than any practical use it may have)


Yeah, I do, but do you really want to hear what I did as an individual today or what you and I might have in common to discuss? It depends on your outlook, I suppose.

I live in Atlanta, so it doesn’t snow much, and when it does, it’s quite an event stopper. We could ‘talk’ about that, or the fact you’re in college. I have a son in college, who has a room mate he can’t stand. How 'bout that??

But, my feeling is you wouldn’t want to hear how busy Sam’s was today, or that I should be cleaning the bathrooms rather than writing this comment. :wink:

Um, a life? What’s that?

YOu mean, there’s stuff outside the house? Get out! I dont’ believe you! You LIE!!!

clutches Rainbow, her stuffed chameleon and cries

Well actually I would like to know about basically anything else besides the X-Files and Buffy and the Mole–If I wanted to talk about that I could go to a different website.

So where does your son go to school. In Atlanta or somewhere else?

Well, I could tell you how much I dislike my job at the moment. The life of a corporate pigdog(accountant) can be boring though…I’ll warn you now, talking about adjustments and journal entries can get, well, a little boring.

I could tell you about the parties I’ve attended recently, but I’ve found that I don’t fit with my friends as well anymore. I’ve changed, they’ve changed. We’re still friends, but not as close as we were.

I could describe the Atlanta traffic in detail, and from there, give you every reason I take the the train downtown daily. But that is really only interesting to those of us who live here and understand the gripes.

Or, I could tell you about my plans for the future. I’ve applied to 3 alternative certification programs for potential teachers. I am very excited about this career change-it’s what I wish I had done in college, but I thought I wanted to make lots of money. I’m still going to take the CPA exam, because I’ve taken all the classes and so forth. But I really want to teach history, which my undergrad degree is in.

I think the topics on these boards are just a reflection of the common interests. I would say that most of us do have lives away from here, but some of our interests may not me the most common out in the real world, so you see them coming up here more often.

I use these boards as a distraction during the evening. I could care less about star trek, the mole, or survivor. But there are some amusing conversations around sometimes, and every once in a while, there is the chance to share my knowledge over in GQ. Come the weekend, though, I’m going out to party. Right now, although it’s just 9:15 PM here, I’m going to bed. 4:30 AM comes too early.

Is that thirty minutes per roommate, you randy bastard, or is that thirty minutes total? How many roommates do you have? I hope you’re all using some kind of protection.

Hey, it beats watching Buffy.

Punctuation, Treich, punctuation.

Geek TV stuff? GEEK TV STUFF? Hmmm.

I wonder. :slight_smile: Sorry to yank your chain, but c’mon. At least we can spell, use punctuation- and if we’re culpable of guilty pleasures, what about the eye candy on Tempt Island?

Besides, we talk about other things…life, the universe, everything. Characters in novels we would love to do the dirty dingo with. Debates on religion, society, etcetera. Questions. And just plain fun. I love you guys. :slight_smile:

And if we’re talking about the Mole, I just want to say I’m in love with Jim.

What did I do today? Went to school, laughed with my friends about a kid who got caught selling drugs. He was an idiot jerk. He’ll be shanked or ganked in prison. I played a trivia game against another school. We lost, but still, it was fun. I walked around outside, it was really warm out. I painted some ceramic stuff in class. I am gonna talk to some freshman tomorrow for a fav teacher.

I posted on GD, fooled around, drank Citra. There’s my day. No TV yet.

DJ goes to Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA. He’s in the second half of his junior year. What are you studying?

Hi sweetie. I’m a geek (I prefer nerd, actually, but I digress) I’m majoring in Chem. Eng and Philosophy. I’m taking Latin because its fun. (enough proof…or should I drag out cites?)

I don’t own a TV. Most of my posts are about my life, in an odd fashion. (For instance, I’m sick today, I have whined in most of the forums…should go figure out a way to whine in GD)

So all of my life is non TV related. Today I was sick. I hurt, I sniffled, I whined, I ate KFC, I went to class, I got kissed on the forehead by my friend Mike, I have taken 5 hot showers, done Latin and stomped on my Statics homework. And played way to much Mage online. (hehe,okay I lied, almost enough Mage)

There, my life today! Just for you!

Treich913, Dude, do you realize that there are more forums at this MB? If you want the meaning of life, mosey on over to GD.

In MPSIMS you will find countless threads where people talk about their lives and what they did today.

You will even find a lot of that type of info in the BBQ Pit.

Actually, this morning, I got up, took a shower, had an earthquake, talked about it on-line here, then watched TV about it ALL DAY!!

On a more typical day, though, my “life” consists of reading this damn message board. It won’t let me go. If you continue to come here, you will get sucked in, unable to escape, as well. So leave now, Treich913! Run like the wind, and don’t look back! You’ve only been here twice; there is still hope for you to have a normal life.

I don’t watch TV.

It’s not that I’m too good for TV, but I am a poor college student and cannot afford one.

I do, however, have a computer.

So for entertainment I come here and read threads about TV!

Yes I have a life! My god, I’m a 41st level cleric bucking for 42nd, which mean I can cast 50% xp rezzes, thank you very much! On a typical day I’m responible for half a dozen people, and I keep them healthy and buffed while never litting my mana shortages slow down the party. And I just brokered an important merger between two guilds which bodes well for our chances for successful plans raids.

Don’t have a life. . .geez… . .

There are >13,000 Dopers here. SOMEONE’s gonna watch bad T.V., and LIKE it. They’ll get excited about an episode and share their excitement. Over. Done.

Would you rather hear how cool this week’s Buffy was, or do you want a blow-by-blow description of me snorking out my 10 month-old’s (Katcha) nose? He and his 4 year old brother (Soupo) both have snot-nose colds. Ya wanna hear about secretions? Diapers? The really big sneeze that blew out a big…never mind.

Like it’s been said…It’s a big, wide message board. Reda what you want.

Oh, and Medea’s Child…“taking Latin because its fun.” Cool.

Bah, I’m an Arts student. None of us have lives and we’re the joke of the university. We do, however, get free beer. :smiley:

::Takes her free beer into her windowless room and settles in to watch another episode of Buffy::

Mmmm … Spike.

{note: I fixed a minor misspelling}

Hey! Which game? I’m in Gemstone, myself, and I dragged C K Dexter Haven into it, too. I’m a 50th level (cool! I’m Legendary!) dwarf warrior, and I’m a generalist, rather than a specialist. I’ve trained in Multistrike, which means that I can hit up to four targets in one swing. I’m married to a 75th level empath (human, but he’s got a nice beard), and he is REALLY jealous of my fighting abilities. But then I remind him that I will probably NEVER learn a spell (warriors CAN learn spells in Gemstone, but it’s very difficult for them). I’ve also done some training in disarming and picking locks, but a lot more on disarming than on picking. Since I’ve trained in battering barriers, I can always bash the locks apart.

As for TV…yesterday I watched about 65 minutes of it, but only because I wanted to see the new Law&Order episode. The rest of the TV watching was spent to see if I’d already seen the L&O reruns on A&E (I had). I DID spend an awful lot of time in front of the computer, though. And I read about half a book (novel) and did some needlecrafts. Oh, and housework/chores. Bleh.

Let’s see: I got up around six, went for a 20 minute run, had breakfast, went to work, went to the gym, called the boyfriend, watched TV, went to bed.

Do I have a life? I’m breathing, I think so. Do you mean an exciting life, full of glamour and excitment? Nope. I also don’t watch a lot of TV. Other than the DS9 rerun I try to catch in the afternoon, I manage to watch three shows a week, and only two when Survivor is not running.

I used to be out all the time. I didn’t even own a tv, because it would have been pointless. I had to get a cell phone, because I was never at home to take calls. I made a decision to slow down my life, stay at home with the kids, and go back to school. (For the record, I stayed at home for 2 years, went back to school for a year and a half, and am now taking a 10 month break before heading back to school for another 4 years). I have four kids that keep me really busy, a husband that I love hanging out with, when in school I juggle a full time school/homework load while taking care of kids, and I also socialize plenty IRL, but I try to do that at home now. The time I used to spend watching tv is now spent on the computer, usually at the SDMB. I’ve had a lot of people ask me how I managed to breastfeed an infant, potty train a toddler, run two kids to soccer games, tutor, and maintain a 90% + average, and take care of a full house. It’s not easy.

So, yes, I do have a full life. It’s not full of drinking parties, or nights full of glamour and evening gowns, but it is a life, and I do enjoy it. Now that I’m at home until August, I plan on getting as much relaxation in as possible, which means posting at the SDMB, watching Angel and Buffy, hanging out with my husband, and spending a lot of time outdoors with the kids as soon as spring hits.

It’s only 8:44 am here, so I’ve only had some coffee, changed a diaper, taken a ton of cold medication, and posted at the sdmb. It’s also Thursday, which means two of my three weekly shows are on tonight, so I will be doing something tv related later on. Am I supposed to apologize for that?

That’s good for you. I’m not sure why it’s such a point of pride, though. Everyone has a different lifestyle, and the computer and tv fills a different spot in different people’s lives. We all have preferences on the way we like to interact and be entertained, and it’s possible that your ways don’t work the best for other people’s lifestyles.

Hey Treich, how 'bout that winter parking ban? Sucks in my neighborhood.

Anyhoo, while I admit that I am quite partial to cartoons, I do participate in activities outside of television watching. I take karate classes, do yoga, work. I’m trying to get my new apartment in order. I just got a new rug for the kitchen. It has some neat folk art on it with a mermaid. Last night I had a serious talk with the boy and went to hear a friend’s band play.

Quick tip, if a thread has the title of a television show in its subject/title line, don’t open it - it’s probably about stupid tv shows.

" I dont even have my own computer and I dont spend more than 30
minutes a day on my roommates here. I’m in Minneapolis where it is below zero every f**king day"

Gotta love how some users write here. :slight_smile:

You know, TV topics represent less than 2% of the topics here, it appears.