"Watch your daughters, count your spoons"

The phrase, “watch your daughters, count your spoons” was used in anti-Clinton signs.

Do you have any other good wording for anti-Clinton signs -
to be used when he makes and appearance?


I have a lot of good slogans for Clinton, you can make them anti-Clinton slogans by adding “Not!” at the end of them.

Thanks for the great economy!

A great eight years!

No ridiculous military buildup and social programs that actually help people (welfare reform)!

Born from humble beginning, you achieved greatness!

At least you could spell and speak coherently!

Thanks for FMLA, what a godsend!

Thanks for cutting the deficit in half!

Thanks for expanding earned income credit for the working poor!

Ginsburg and Breyer were great choices, Pro-Life and Freedom!

Thanks for the Brady Bill…you’ve saved many lives!
I hope this helps.

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