Watching ER tonight??

Get the kleenex.

saddest thing I have seen since…I dunno.

still crying,

My God! How early do you get the show up there? We’re running on Eastern Time here and won’t see the show for another two hours.

Think I’ll pass and play a few relaxing rounds of Carmageddon. I’ve pretty much stopped watching E.R. and N.Y.P.D. Blue. I get tired of some of the continuing storylines. Give me Law & Order anytime.

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8pm, atlantic standard time.

Its on again at 11pm, on the NBC affiliate (?)

It was fucking heart-breaking. The dynamics between the doctors as they fervishly work on the wounded…

Best show ever.

I wish I was able to watch ER – I have to work. I used to watch ER.


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Fricking DirecTV – having a little bit of snow and there’s no TV! That’s it, NFL package or not, we’re going back to cable.

I’m watching it right now and it’s a great episode.

Benton’s efforts (and emotions) to save Carter are amazing.

The bald-headed doctor (whose name I can’t remember) and the British doctor fighting to save Lucy’s life are amazing.

One question, though: what’s wrong with Carrie?

I watched it, this was a very tense and sad episode. I never liked Lucy, though, and I’m not sorry to see her go. Carrie looked remarkably pale, is that what you mean?

No, she seemed more affected by what happened than anyone else.

Was it because she found them?

Maybe it’s because she was always so tough on them, especially those two. Her reasoning was to make them better doctors, but to see their futures wiped out… well, it was probably a lot for her to bear.

This is the second night in a row that I’ve been sitting in front of the TV, alone, BAWLING. Nine-oh was heart-wrenching last night, and then that godawful Jon-Benet thing. I hate it that TV affencts me so much, but man, that human drama gets me every time.

Sucks to your assmar.

What an awesome episode!!

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I was wondering how they could top last week’s episode, but they did it. The raw emotions of the staff…Rocket Romano finally showing real feelings (besides for his dog) was fabulous. Weaver throwing up outside…

I finally figured out where I have seen that psycho guy before - he was in the movie “Slums of Beverly Hills”. Great movie, by the way.

I have always hated that Romano character, but last night he finally showed his human side, and did you see the look on Weaver’s face when they brought that guy back into the ER later in the show? She looked like she wanted to kill the bastard. The thing I found a little odd is that while everybody was walking around looking a little shocked, I kind of expected at least a couple of them to break down crying, but nobody did. I guess after working in a trauma center for so long, the characters were kind of used to seeing something like that. Still, I expected a little more emotion out of the characters.

Dammit, I hate it when I cry over fictional characters.


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I was at my parent’s house last night doing laundry, and watched it with me da, who has only seen one other episode. He was not pleased about the schizophrenia aspect, as he’s a mental health worker. “Oh, we’re back the mentally ill, huh? Nevermind that 1% of schizophrenics react violently…” When they had to crack Lucy, my father, the Veitnam vet, said in a quiet voice: “What are they doing with that saw?” I said “They use it to saw through her sternum. Then they use the chest-spreader…you see it there, to spread the ribs. Then they’ll alternate internal compressions and internal defibulating.” He turned to me and said “Godammit, how many episodes of this show have you seen!?”

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I knew Lucy was going to die before I watched the show and I still had to choke back the sobs.
Weaver is going to really stick it to those guys for having a party.
Romano has a heart - a tiny, little one like the grinch- buried under that ego.

I think my favorite part was at the very end, when all the other trauma cases from the assembly-line accident came in, and all the doctors had to go back to normal. It goes to show just how little the doctors in an ER can get attached to their patients, even when they’re already close.

It doesn’t take much to get me blubbering - hell I’ve broken out in tears when reading about something sad.

But with so much advance notice I wasn’t as affected by the impending death of Lucy while watching. However, when Dr. Romano reacted by kicking over the tray I lossed it.

I knew I might fall asleep watching it (I did), so I taped it, and didn’t get a chance to watch it until this afternoon. Seems I was the only person within a 10 mile radius who hadn’t seen it last night. I spent my day going through scenes like this:

Person: Can you beleive ER last night!? I couldn’t beleive it when-

Me yelling: No! Don’t tell me! I didn’t get to see it!

Person: Boy, you sure are gonna cry when-

Me running away, desperately trying to avoid the show spoilers: No! Let me watch it when I get home!

Person now off in the distance: You’re gonna bawl your eyes out when Lucy-

Me: Nooooooo!

I was amazed when Benton and Rocket Romano started displaying [gasping] actual feelings![/gasping] I knew it was in Benton, but the only thing I’ve ever seen Romano care about was that stupid dog. Benton’s not as emotionless as Romano is, but he could stand to show his feelings once in a while (but they don’t need to kill people off to do it!) The scene with Romano and Corday working on Lucy, and eventually realizing there was no hope got me. The dynamics between Carter and Lucy were unique to the show, and I always loved watching them. I always hoped they would get together, but alas, it was not to be. :frowning:

It was great and yes I cried. The reason Carrie was upset…she told Lucy on one episode that LUCY reminded Carrie of herself.
She was kind of a momma to Carter for a little while. BUT did yall know Carol Hathaway is also leaving the show…

Oh yeah, when romano tossed the tray…sob!
And when carter looked up at benton and said : I am glad its you" I blubbered.

Grown men showing love to each other is hard to play without looking cheesy, but when benton got all hyper in surgery and the older guy had to yell at him. That was love.

When Romano was rewiring lucy’s shest, and carrie was cleaning her up, he said a nurse could do it, and she refused, that was sad. Romano’s feelings for her made him try to repair her as much as possible, and the whole carrie thing was wrentching. When she went out to puke, that was REAL ACCURATE. If you had to do that kinds work on someon close to you, you WOULD puke.

The reason ( I think ) Carrie was so freaked out by the killer and his treatment is that she wanted to kill him/let him die.

I finally watched it (I taped it, too) and I thought it was great. Laura Innes did another superb job. Eric LaSalle, too. It was a great change of pace to have Corday stop Romano from continuing resuscitation efforts on Lucy. Usually he’s the rational, heartless one trying to calm her down.

And wasn’t it touching when Lucy mouthed “Thank you” to Elizabeth. I never really liked Lucy that much; She just didn’t seem to have much meat to her character. But I liked her last night.

Ladies, next week looks like it will focus on Luka. :slight_smile: Although it looked like a similar episode involving Dr. Ross trying to save a child…I for one will be watching. And panting.