Water and wind...

The sun was out in full force but the caressing wind took away it’s sting. The water was chillier than I was expecting but my daughter loves to swim so very much. How could I deny her such a pleasure? For two hours we played in the pool and I… just… let… go of it all. I let my problems roll away with the clouds (that chased each other lazily across the bluest sky I’ve seen so far this year; a cloud dragon in flight spread over us) and I smiled. Under the gentle wisps of cloudy confection, I relaxed. And I hugged my angel close because she truly is the light of my life. I swear I saw a rainbow (wouldn’t surprise me with all the trails of icy moisture in the sky). It was a gorgeous day. :smiley:

What a beautiful story Sanguine, it’s nice to know that we can all find some basic good in this world. We could all use it. :slight_smile:

Moments like those are so precious. I’m glad for you.

I’m glad it’s summer because there may be more moments like these to enjoy. Everything about that day felt goooood, felt right. I may not believe in God, persay, but something was surely clickin’ that day. And ugh, what a sucky rhyme. :smiley: