Five things I love...

Ok, we all love our kids, spouses, SOs, nephews, having good health and a roof over our heads and our pets. What are five more mundane, but still wonderful, things you love?

  1. Ice cold drinks of water
  2. Wild weather- storms, wind, rain etc
  3. Sitting by the ocean at night
  4. Campfire on cool evenings
  5. Waking up to a snow day!
  1. Crawling into bed with fresh clean sheets

  2. Watching my dogs play with wwild abandon

  3. The smell of honeysuckle drifting on the breeze

  4. Petting a horse, feeling the firm muscle gliding beneath the skin

  5. Falling asleep in a moving vehicle

  1. Spending a day or two lounging around, reading a book
  2. Also love thunderstorms
  3. The sound pills make when you rattle them around in a bottle (yeah, I know, I’m weird)
  4. Paddling an outrigger canoe
  5. A nice meal with a good bottle of wine, and good company.

1 - a bike under me. Don’t care if its mine or someone elses, motorized or not. I just flat-out love how two wheels feel.

2 - a job done well. Again, it can be by me or someone else.

3 - quiet

4 - amusement parks packed with people. OK - after 3 that doesn’t make much sense but I would relate loud joyous noise almost equal with near silence in things I love.

5 - a good hour in any cigar bar/lounge out there. If I got a good cigar and a glass of port at the same time, all the better. Like here, I may not always agree with the other people or even really like them, but I enjoy the exchange of ideas.

Being held by someone who cares.
Drinking afternoon cocktails on the weekend or vacation.
Having my hair brushed.
Being complimented by a stranger.
Reading PostSecret every Sunday.

  1. The smell of honeysuckle on a warm evening.
  2. Sitting around with friends, passing around an acoustic guitar and singing.
  3. Driving in the mountains on a two lane road.
  4. A neck / back massage.
  5. Watching my neighbor’s kittens play.
  1. Stormy weather.
  2. Stars on a clear, cold night, way out in the middle of nowhere.
  3. The smell of evergreen trees in a misting rain.
  4. The scent of wisteria. (I love honeysuckle, too, but wisteria hits me right in my childhood.)
  5. The eye-of-the-storm feeling when I stand amidst chaos and know what to do.
  1. Sunshine - strong hot and direct.
  2. Swimming in the ocean.
  3. Reading a good book.
  4. The laughter of small children.
  5. Hookers.

Having my head massaged when it’s being rinsed at the hairdressers.
The smell of frangipani on a hot day.
Fresh high-thread count cotton sheets.
The first warm day of spring, knowing it’s only going to get warmer from here on in.
The feeling you get just as you catch the wave when surfing, as the wave starts to pull you along.

  1. Loading CDs onto my iTunes and seeing all the new music I have to listen to.

  2. Knowing that I have lots of DVDs to watch and won’t run out for a long time.

  3. Waking up and knowing that I don’t have to do anything that day if I don’t want to.

  4. Knowing that there’s something nice to eat when I get home.

  5. Giving presents.

  1. Giving and recieving back rubs (and more) when a mockingbird sounds its call at 4AM.

  2. Building and keeping a wood fire in the fireplace.

  3. Really good wine (if with good company)

  4. A warm shower where the heat and the pressure from the shower head feels like warm hands on your shoulders.

  5. The gentle cooing sound a woman’s voice makes when I rub where her muscles are tight, tense, and stressed.
    (Can I cheat & add a #6? Successfully making her late for work?)

  1. Flying kites in the park
  2. Gingerbread scones
  3. Trashy romance novels
  4. Ice cold lemonade
  5. Blustery winter days
  1. A cold beer
  2. A new Elmore Leonard novel
  3. A long afternoon
  4. Lots of sunshine
  5. My favorite lawn chair

The open road
Listening to the dawn chorus when I’m camping
Jogging on the beach
A cold beer (or 2 or 3) after a long hike or bike ride
Spending time in National Parks

  1. The smell of rain on sun-warmed concrete.
  2. Getting a curry delivered at 2 am after finishing a night of writing.
  3. Running like hell to catch the bus and then making it, out of breath and laughing.
  4. Brass bands playing on a summer night.
  5. A street hot dog smothered in onions and mustard.

[li]Napping on a warm day with only the sound of the gentle breeze rustling the trees breaking the silence[/li][li]A rare steak with garlic mashed potatoes, spinach, and a good red wine[/li][li]A hike through rugged wooded terrain in the middle of nowhere, not a soul around for miles[/li][li]A relaxing female voice[/li][li]The internet[/li][/ul]

  1. Watching my kids experience things both good and bad…
  2. a nice cold Guinness and a good MMA fight…
  3. sitting at a nice dinner with her… while she explains some scientific fact which i never had a clue about… but when she talks about it…
  4. laying naked after sex. preferably under a ceiling fan…
  5. The feel of a large weight in my hand… and the discovery that i can move it again and again
  1. Having my back scratched.
    2 - 5. Insignificant compared to 1.
  1. That blissful moment after I’ve settled into bed with the lights out. It’s so damn comfortable and I have no children on top of me or latched on to my boob.

  2. The smell of my husband’s skin.

  3. My baby daughter’s breath.

  4. My son’s hands.

  5. The smell of my neighborhood during my evening walk.

Oh. My. God. Yes.

Yes a thousand times over.