Water Retention and the Apple/Vineger pills on the market.

My wife’s aunt takes these Apple/Vinegar pills to help here loose weight. We were told that they burn excess fat. I found out later that all these things do (supposedly) is help you retain less water.

Does anyone know of this product? Does it really work?

Likely it’s a diuretic of some sort. When I was living at home and PMSing, mom would have me drink a glass of cider vinegar so I would lose water and not be so bloated and crabby. Tasted horrible. Hated it. Once the taste was out of my mouth (ironically, only after drinking lots of water), I would end up going like a racehorse.

It’s water weight loss and can be a motivator - “Look honey, my pants are fitting again!” - but it’s a temporary loss. A few glasses of water and food and you are right back where you started.

As far as the ‘burn excess fat’ claim, read the fine, fine print. All the diet pills, supplements, machines, etc. I have seen have some sort of line akin to:

when used in conjunction with a sensible diet and exercise”.

That should be the clue right there as to what part of the product is “burning excess fat”.

Thanks =)

I did read the fine print. (I always do :slight_smile: ) I am very sceptical of these ‘quick fix’ pills.

I am on a sensible diet. I have ,in fact, lost abuot 10 lbs since Christmas.

So I am doing well, but a little extra help is always nice =)