Waterless urinals have been installed - Answer to my prayers? or My worst nightmare?

OK. I usually don’t get a good rant going here in the pit, but the one I do recall was me kvetching about people here at work not flushing the damn urinals. I’m too lazy to search it out right now, so I will spare the hamsters.

Anywho, as per the thread title, water-free urinals have been installed here at work. I’m in a tizzy. Completely boggled. I really still haven’t decided if I like them or not. Though I don’t have to piss into someone else’s nasty yellow…ness anymore, I still feel oogy about going in the damn things. This here website insists that it’s all very sanitary, efficient, etc., etc.


Me? I’m not convinced yet. It’s my God-given right as a 'Merican to flush after I pee. This right has been taken from me. I feel violated in some way.

My co-workers and I are seriously considering investing in a squirt bottle to hose the thing down before and after doing our business. Well OK, maybe separate water bottles. Because, you see, they don’t flush! GYYYAAAAAHH!! Ugh, I can hardly type! I am so bothered!!! I’m half icked out, half fascinated by the technological achievement that is the waterless urinal. It’s all slick and new and completely disconnected from the flushing pipe. No need to dropkick the plunger anymore. No looking at the nasty yellow…ness that someone has left for me to take care of because deep down they know, KNOW I say!! that this bothers me deeply, and are secretly plotting to drive me crazy with their nasty yellow…ness. But now I CAN’T FLUSH IT EITHER!!! But d_redguy, I tell myself, it doesn’t smell bad. I know, I say, but I CAN’T FLUSH MY OWN YELLOW…NESS DOWN!!! But d_redguy, I sez, there is no need to flush it down. See, it’s gone. There is no yellow…ness. I know, I sez, but JUST BECAUSE I CAN’T SEE IT DOESN’T MEAN IT ISN’T THERE!!! IT’S THERE, DON’T YOU KNOW!!! JUST BECAUSE THEY SAY IT ISN’T POROUS, AND THAT THE YELLOW…NESS GOES INTO THIS LITTLE “CARTRIDGE” DOESN’T MEAN THAT IT DOES!!! I MEAN, THERE STILL HAS TO BE PISS SLOWLY ALLOWING GRAVITY TO TAKE ITS EFFECT ON IT, SLOWLY SEEPING DOWN THE BACK OF THIS EVIL THING, DRAGGING IT EVER DOWN INTO THE “CARTRIDGE”, RIGHT?!?! MEAN, THERE’S PROBABLY PISS ON IT RIGHT NOW, ISN’T THERE!!! GYYYAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!

Then I realize that I drink way too much coffee at night, and I should lay off a bit. This would have the added benefit of not having to use the urinal as frequently.

But here’s the kicker. According to my co-worker, these things weren’t here Monday morning. So they have been here less than 68 hours. There are already THREE NASTY BLACK PUBIC HAIRS IN THE DAMN THING!!! FUUUUUUUCCCCCCCKKKK!!! bleh meh geh feh ugh :Pukey: etc. etc. etc. :shiver: :faint:

I’m female, and I clean urinals, but … ewwww.

Ewwwwww …:eek:

Right. Exactly. Nastiness all around. Oh, and do be sure to find the beautiful little flash demonstration on the website. Very…yellow. :urk:

Uhhhh … now I’ve found it.

Great skies in th’ morning! :eek:

Just thought: it kinda presumes you guys have a good aim all the time, doesn’t it? They obviously haven’t read Cecil.

I’m confused. It’s supposed to be water free, but you have to add water to the cartridge?

Did you know that in Britain, nearly ALL urinals don’t have a flusher? They have a timing mechanism, where they automatically flush every 10 or 20 minutes or so. I never saw a flushing urinal in my life, until I visited the USA!

What Herge said. Although as we emerge from the Dark Ages, newer ones have a sensor that autromatically triggers the flush as you zip up and walk away.

Oh, and “polluted with regurgitation”? Puh-lease. Why not “What if someone spews in the pisser?”

Urinals are supposed to smell foul and have horrid gunk like cigarette ends (preferably with lipstick stains) in the bottom. You Americans don’t know you’re born.

What other reason do people drink in bars except to give themselves sufficient dutch courage to visit the men’s room?

Actually, there are many urinals in the U.S. that are flusher-free; they have a motion detector. Once there’s motion (i.e., person moving away), it flushes.

My husband said they installed these in the men’s room at work. Within 6 months, they’d removed them. He said they stank worse than a normal urinal.

Strange, us Brits have managed with urinals that don’t have a flusher for god know how many years! Yes, they can smell of urine sometimes, but they flush automatically every few minutes.

“Waterless urinal”? I thought that’s what alleys were for. :slight_smile:


You could just make a “Whooooshhh” noise and pretend you flushed.

(a) agreed that the Flash animation was priceless;

(b) how could this device possibly work? You pee on the back wall of the urinal. Urine runs down into the device and is processed, fine. But the urinal’s back wall is never rinsed. It must start to smell almost immediately!

The entire inside surface of that thing MUST wind up covered in dried pee. How could it not???

'scuse me whilst I go shiver in a corner for a while…

Ah, then … you should just go pee in the sink.

That’ll show 'em!

(And for the humor impaaired, I’ll add a smiley: :slight_smile: )

Sure it is. It is rinsed many times every day.

Just not with water.



This is what I’m sayin’!

Foul. Foulfoulfoulfoul. They don’t smell, though. Yet. I believe that the cleaning crew gets at the bathroom once or twice a week, but I have a feeling that they are going to balk at cleaning these bad boys.

There are two bathrooms on my floor. They have installed 4 of these things leaving one “flusher”. Ironically, the one that they haven’t switched out is the one with the most notorious flooding history. My coworker snagged it from me on the way out of work this morning, cackling maniacally the entire time. Bastard.