Waterproof adhesive for attaching neoprene to steel

I need to bond hard neoprene (not wetsuit material) to steel. This adhesive needs to be impact resistant. Can anyone recommend a good adhesive for this? I’ve got Gorilla glue lying around. Will this work well enough?

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It is very difficult to glue metal. Silcone adhesives may be best for impact resistance. Since they reman resilent and ‘sticky’ after setting. Epoxy would provide a stronger bond, but you’d have to carefully prepare the metal surface by etching it, or mechanically scratching it to increase the bonding surface area, and then get it scrupulously clean using acetone or solvent.


Get a Dremel. Get a small diamond-dust coated pear shaped grinder tool. Carefully mark out the area you wish to adhere the neoprene to. Use a Sharpie®, alcohol will take the lines off after.

Grind the fuck out of it. Not deeply, but scoring the surface will create a surface that a glue or epoxy will be much happier grabbing ahold of. And yeah, acetone just before you glue the two bits together. Let the acetone dry, but use it prior to get any oils off of the surface.

And…uh… do this outside with a breeze blowing by. Acetone is good for a whiff of brain damage. :smiley:

Gorilla Glue would probably be OK for this, paired with appropriate surface prep.

In the past, I have had excellent results in bonding steel to particle board with PL Premium construction adhesive. Like Gorilla Glue, it’s a urethane adhesive, so watch the squeeze-out as it will foam up and expand.

My particular application was bonding a 6-foot length of 1-1/2" angle stock to the underside of a sheet of particle board to eliminate sagging. I buzzed the steel with medium sandpaper to make sure there wasn’t any loose scale, the applied the adhesive, clamped it up and the next day, it was there for keeps.

You may want to do a test run with a scrap of the neoprene material to ensure it is copacetic with the idea of being glued to something. I wouldn’t expect problems, but some rubbers and plastics just don’t like to be glued.

And some adhesives may dissolve neoprene.

Is the steel very big? There are adhesives made specifically to do this but you have to be able to heat the steel to about 350° at a constant temperature and apply pressure.
Can you do that?

Thanks for the replies.

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The Gorilla Glue seems like an easy solution. I’ll try it on one and see how it works out.

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Neoprenes work with adhesive fairly well. EPDM’s actively hate adhesives. Don’t use EPDM.

Gorilla glue would probably work. Prep both surfaces with alcohol. Prep yourself with some alcohol, too. then go to town.

If it needs to be permanent, weatherstrip adhesive and a primer from the auto parts store will work. That’s what holds body cladding to your car.

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As stated prior…Gorilla Glue. I jut finished a project were I had to glue up layers of extruded polystyrene sheets. GG worked like a charm. Fast, waterproof (in fact, water activated), easy to apply and hard as a rock when dry.

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