Ways to find vacation rental homes in Florida?

My SO and I are looking at moving to Florida for a month this winter. Both of our employers are now much more willing to let us “Work From Home” where home happens to be a temporary location.

We’re interested in finding a rental place near the space coast, and I need suggestions for how to find them. I’ve tried VRBO and Airbnb. Ok, there is stuff there. I’ve glanced at Craig’s List, but I’m not confident that I can tell valid offers from scams.

So how else have you found short term rentals of fully furnished houses or condos?

try Airbnb or something like that I’m always told

Or vrbo.com

From the 7 sentence OP:

Try looking up real estate agencies in your target community. Even if a particular agency doesn’t traffic in short term rentals, they may be able to refer you to one that does.

Most everything will be on airbnb, vrbo, and homeaway. If you can’t find what you’re looking for there, then it’s probably not out there. Probably should stay away from CL unless you like adventure as scams are common. If you are looking for high-end housing, there’s likely local realtors who can help find something.

I blame reading on my phone. That’s the ticket.

When my folks were testing out being snowbirds they went down for a week and looked around for communities they liked, then contacted the rental agencies for that development. It was before AirBnB so there were limited options. Can you narrow down your locations and contact local rental agencies?

I don’t know how old you are- but a few years ago, I was looking to buy something in a 55+ community in Florida- and one of the services that most of the communities offered was that they would handle renting my house/unit until I was ready to move there. But I think a month might be difficult. It’s too long to really be a vacation rental, and a lot of people rent apartments for the whole winter. If someone rents to you for one month , that may mean they can’t get anyone else in for the rest of the season.