Ways to irritate Trump supporters?

I’ve been thinking of ways to irritate Trump supporters…

Maybe any time someone mentions Trump, I will give the Hitler salute, click my heels, and say “Heil Trump!” :smiley:

Or get a “Trump-Putin / Make America Hate Again!” bumper sticker.

Why would you want to irritate people that have different political opinions from yourself? That sounds spiteful just for the sake of being spiteful.

Billy’s gonna get his ass kicked one of these days.

For this you need an 8x10 photo of Donald Trump (a printout is fine) and a wide-tipped black Sharpie.

When see a Trump supporter, go up to him and hand him the photo and marker.

While his hands are full, punch him in the nose.

This is really going to limit your ability to pick up Republican women.

Be patient. Give it a year. You’ll find Trump will do so without your help.

Pop quiz, hotshot. Would you say such behavior would have been useful in the following situation?


Why or why not?

What makes you think this would irritate them? There’s a fair chance they’ll give the Hitler salute and “Heil Trump!” right back at you, and then want to talk about how everything ever done that is of any importance was done by white people.

Like this.

The following is based on real life experience. When they call you in terror because they realize they may lose the health insurance which they seriously need, but did not have before Obama, remind them they voted for Trump and losing their health insurance is partially, their own darn fault.

Most of the Trump supporters are gun totin’ law abiding citizens so feel free to fuck with them moron.

I would reply, but it would probably get me a warning.

Be anything but a white heteronormative christian.

Paper tigers.

What about those people that weren’t so much voting for trump as they were voting against hillary? They hate both candidates equally, but for whatever reason, they used their vote to take one vote away from hillary, maybe they voted trump, maybe stein, maybe johnson, either way it was one less vote for hillary

Some trump voters hated trump too, they just hated hillary more…

How do you intend to identify someone as a Trump supporter?

Bumper stickers, yard signs, unibrow, Klan robe, etc.

Maintain our pre-Trump POV and continue on the Board as we always have?

Ask them to have a spelling contest.

This is my tactic, too. I did not goad anyone at Thanksgiving last week. I just said, “Well, I am glad you are happy” and kept it moving. Time is going to tell all. And I do mean ALL, my friend.

Item # 536 on the list of “why the Democrats lost this time”.

Oh, that’s easy. You engage in behaviour calculated to irritate Trump supporters, and watch to see if the person gets irritated.