WB Yeats Obscure quote

I recall a phrase used in a poem by yeats that was “milk of ******”

It was the substance that was delivered by a newborns brain to eradicate memories of heaven.

Anyone remember what that substance was?

I’ve heard the phrase “Milk of Ambrosia”, but I think that is before Yeates (Greek mythology?). Maybe he borrowed it?

The phrase you’re thinking of could be ‘honey of generation’. It’s from the poem ‘Among Schoolchildren’.


Spot on.Thats exactly what it is .

Ive been trying to think of that for years.

Pint for you when youre in Dublin next

Actually, I live in Dublin! So, when are going for that pint?

Glad I could help. Nice to know that I’ve remembered at least one thing from my Leaving Cert.

Excellent! another Dublin Doper!!

“Among Schoolchildren” is a good poem.

Did you guys use “Soundings” aswell. I used the same copy that my brother used for his leaving Cert., 19 years before.


Tonight’s the night.

Everyone else…theres a lesson in there somewhere.

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Sounds good to me.

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Howaya enzo. Sorry I can’t make it tonight but rest assured I do have the odd tipple and love meeting up with other Dopers. I’ll be seeing you soon.

“Soundings”! I haven’t thought about that for ages. It has also made me think of “Peig” AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH :wink:

Enzo, as a taste of what you are in for,

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