Silly question for English dopers

If I was in England, and “God Save the Queen” was played, and I sunk the lyrics to “My Country 'tis of Thee” would I be lynched on the spot? It’s late, I can’t sleep and questions like this are what’s keeping me awake.

Probably not. Depending on where you were, you might get the shit kicked out of you, though . . . I wouldn’t do this in a bar before a really big football or rugby match, for one. I also wouldn’t do this at a funeral.

However, you are a Weird Dave, and thus they might look at you and say “Good Lord . . . that guy is Weird. Stay away from him.”

I can’t sleep, either, though I suppose that’s got something to do with the paper I have to write for a class later today.

<big grin> That reminds me, 'pun. I have a standing $100 bet for anyone who will go into an Irish bar on St. Patrick’s Day and sing the John Valby lyrics to “When Irish Eyes are Smiling”

" When Irish guys get hard-ons,
well they’re all half in the bag,
'cuz the smell of Irish pussy’s,
enought to make you gag.
And don’t forget St. Patrick,
well the whole world knows he’s gay.
You know his eyes are smiling,
'cuz I came in his ass, today"

The $100 will be given to the executor of your estate.

I may well be in an Irish Pub on that day, but no way in fucking hell I’m doing that. My middle name’s O’Bryan and my first name’s Patrick. It’d be like kicking my own dog.

But I tell you . . . you do that at a dopefest when people are sufficiently drunk and you’ll probably get a big laugh and someone saying "Hey, I have a hard-on right now . . . "

And someone will respond “Didn’t anyone ever tell you not to fuck dead saints?”

I will SO not be surprised if that person is Falcon:) I will also not be surprised if the discussion arises as to the fact that St. Patrick is no longer considered a saint.

::runs the effin’ hell out of this thread and is on his way to Madagascar. And no, smartass, there’s no bullseye around my neck::

I, for one, would be quite suprised if, drunk or sober, Falcon says “Hey, I have a hard-on right now…”

I wouldn’t, Dave. But I would wonder whose it was…

Dave, I was referring to the second comment.

But if Falcon did say that, at least half of the room would get neck cramps in the ensuing WHATTHEFUCK obligatory double-take.

Few people know the lyrics to that song, “God Save the Queen”.

Pretty interesting song too.

I’m guessing a few million Brits might be able to hum along, handy.

I dont know about that, Handy, the Sex Pistols were pretty popular…

Yes, handy may be right, although I don’t know whether this is what he had in mind, from:

The Scottish Arts Council (see [4.17]) has suggested having a new national anthem written for post-devolution Scotland. …

The current Official National Anthem in Scotland is God Save the Queen which is detested by many, not least because it was originally written as a pro-English, anti-Scottish song at the time of the Jacobite freedom fighters. Furthermore, many Scots are not particularly Royalist. The original version, had this verse (now dropped):
God grant that Marshall Wade,
May by thy mighty aid,
victory bring,
May he sedition hush,
and like a torrent rush,
Rebellious Scots to crush
God save the King.

So, I suppose I could hum along but it’s unlikely that I would.

Isn’t it rather a tedious tune in any case?

In any event, you’re very unlikely to hear it played, even in Britain. They play it at some international sporting events involving England (though for the reasons Celyn has pointed out the Scots and Welsh have different anthems) and when BBC Radio 4 closes down at 1.00 a.m. every day, but that’s about it.

The last time I hears people actually singing it was before the England-Germany game in Euro 2000 (six months ago). The last time before that, I can’t remember.

By the way, Celyn, hasn’t the Scottish Parliament already chosen For A’ That as the new official anthem?

What are the odds on Flower of Scotland?

Try this at a rugby match at Cardiff Arms Park

Wales v England
Wales, Wales
Fucking great fishes are Wales
They swim through the sea
And they eat you and me
Fucking great fishes are Wales

I did this at the Cardiff military tattoo when doing a re-enactment of the Welsh Guards at Rourkes Drift - very quietly.
My part in that tattoo was during an ‘Admiral Nelson at the Battle of Trafalger’ I had to push the trolley which had the rowing boat fastened on it with Nelson leaving England - never to return alive.
Got blasted one night man you should have seen that trolley go when propelled by four of us - all drunk, until it hit the scaffolding holding up the scenery, there was a huge and very noticeable clang and all the crew of the ‘rowing boat’ , including a dishevelled ‘Admiral Nelson’ fell off in undignified haste, cracked the audience up totally.

TomH, and MattK, re. the Scottish end of things, no, there is no officially separate anthem, but Sheena Wellington did sing “A Man’s a Man for a’ That” at the parliament opening."

The Dundee singer Michael Mara has a song intended as a model for national anthems. The refrain is something like

“Harmless, harmless,
you’ll get no bother from me
I get a book from the library
then I go home for my tea.”

When I was a student, “God Save the Queen” was used to empty the hall after dances *etc.*in the Union. It worked better than any fire alarm, but I think that was mainly a case of being able to think of more fun things to do, it being a place with some conservative tendencies.

It would be fun to hear “To Anacreon in Heaven” sometime, as I find it difficult to work out how the “Star Spangled Banner” tune could be a jolly drinking song, but it sounds like a good idea.

When I was in England I d continuously say “God shave the queen…” and it didnt get me into trouble.

Acutally some English ppl I know always comment “she is so damn old, but she wont bloody die” when they see the queeeen on tv.

god shave her


Her mother is significantly older;)

Any scottish national anthem that wasn’t written by the Proclaimers would be a travesty.

[Gary Linaker]

and as the two teams line out, we go over to the pitch, and the Scottish anthem is first. and here to sing “Letter from America” is The Procalimers.

[/gary lineker]
can you imagine 40,000 scotsmen in full voice

"When you GOOOOOOOOOO, wont you send back,

a let-ter frOOOOOOOOOOmmm America"

“Land of Dopes and Tory” just has such an image of 1940’s post war conservatism and “Last night at the Proms” and the Queens Christmas speech that it annoys me to hear it.
Although if “Irelands Call” had a melody that you could sing while you were drunk, I’m sure it would be used for more than Rugby games. But then again, I doubt that “Amhrainn na bFiann” will ever be replaced…

Slight hijack Twisty, but I learnde at school that when Ireland was re-united (ie when the brits left), the National Anthem would be changed to “A Nation once again”