Ask the Irish Guy?

Has there ever been a thread called this…if so could someone please direct me…

If not…then here it is…Ask The Irish Guy!

Howya! Glad to see another Irish person on here! Errr who do you think will win The Gold Cup Tomorrow?

Do “Irish” Americans bug the shit out of you? I have some cousins in Rosmuck and Gort, so I have visited a few times. The people have been great, but I must confess, on a few occasions I sensed a “Get the hell out” vibe. Especially in Dublin. Rarely on the west coast.

Also, what is up with the west coast folks doing the stichatto breaths in when in agreement? heh heh heh yes yes heh heh

How bad is traffic on the road (I think it is the M50) around Dublin? Like on a Monday afternoon, 1-ish or 2 -ish? And is that road the quickest way from the Dublin airport to Greystones in Wicklow?

Whats the gold cup?

How much is a pint of guiness?

Does everyone have red hair and is 3’ tall?

  • if so, does everyone have a pot of gold?
    ** and wear green suits?

What’s the best place to get a sheppards pie around Dublin?

Do you consider everyone to be Irish/ semi-Irish on St. Patrick’s Day?

What is the Irishman in the street’s view of Merkins?

Can I have a little stone cottage by the sea surrounded by green Irish hills all to my little self? Please? And a Great Pyrenees dog named Seamus and a border collie named Colleen? Seriously, this is my daydream. And I’ve never been to Ireland.

Might have something to do with the three little leprchauns running around here that insist on calling me “mom”.

Merkin? Isn’t that what a Scotman wears under . . .


Can you understand Finnegans Wake? Is it in top secret Irish code?

This actually was done a few years ago, but I can’t be arsed to find the thread.

Why do all grannies have to display brass horsey decoration thingies by the side of their fireplaces? :confused:

How come none of you irish feckers replied to my thread about visiting Dublin? What’s the craic with that? :stuck_out_tongue:

What exactly did he say that she said that he said to her that she said anyway? :smiley:

Would you say that the Leprechaun movie series accurately depicts leprechauns?

Do you think that Fianna Fáil are going to get their butts righteously kicked out at the next election - and if so, who on earth is going to replace them?

Does it piss you off that the health service is dying on its feet, and seems to take the worst of the private and the public systems, and combine them?

Will we meet new Irish people at the next DubDope?

The most accurate Leprechaun movie of all time is Darby O’Gill And The Little People. Check it out now :wink:

Hey Aro - didn’t see the other thread.

Some of us will be in the Harbourmaster for micilin’s birthday on the 15th - sure he won’t mind if you turn up. Get there early, as it’s the night of the fireworks and we’re getting a ringside seat in the pub conservatory.

micilin’s breith lá, eh?
Wll, a big fat happy birthday to him and I won’t be the one to ask how old he is.

Ooh, hark at her with her fancy Irish…

Hey, glass onion, the point of these “ask the…” threads is that you’re meant to hang around and answer questions! :wink:

Actually I would like to know the cost of a pint since I’m coming over in May, gotta know how much to bring in beer money!

Between €4 and €5 for lager, depending on the venue, though Guinness is a bit cheaper: around 50c a pint less. One Euro is worth about 3¢ more than one of your Earth dollars.