Dublin Based Dopers...St Paddys Day weekend

Any of you boys or girls in the Dublin area fancy a wee pint?

The 16th is my birthday. I plan to be in the ol’ town for it, then stay around on Monday for the parade and the green guinness. :smiley:

Anyone going to be about that weekend?

I’m away all next week (snowboardiog in Andorra, don’t you know), so any replies or updates will probably be the week aftere next. Unless they are today, of course.

I didn’t see this thread!?!?

Replies in the other thread.

Its OK that it was ignored. (or slipped by un-noticed)

My plans have subsequently changed and we are heading to the North Coast (Portrush et al.) rather that down to Dublin. My mate who I was to be staying with in the centre is moving apartment and won’t have his new place until the 18th. Bad timing all round.

Still, we have an apartment on the harbour in Portrush, so can stay there for free and do basically the same things (eating and drinking copiously). Just won’t get to hook up with you guys though. Some other time.

Thanks for the invite in the other thread, BTW. Happy birthday to micilin too. Have a good one.

have fun Aro, will you being going to Kelly’s?
have a drink in the boat bar for me.

Don’t know about Kelly’s - might do, if I can convince 'er indoors.
(Girlfriend is a bit allergic to any form of exercise, including dancing.)

Will be hanging out in the Harbour Bar upstairs, and eating in Coast (Mmmm…tobacco onions…). If you are about, giz a shout.

Will certainly have several drinks in your honour, if you don’t mind. :wink:

Ah no, I’ll be in Dublin, waiting for exam results.

Irishfella is from the North East, so we tend to go out to Kelly’s when he’s home. Mostly we sit in the conservatory of Beadle’s with a vast motley crew of his friends.

(Hillsborough…hmmm…Friends, Methody, Wallace, Rathmore? am I getting close?)

Wallace, yep. The secret’s out. Trying to forget those days!

I am from Lisburn really, just moved to HB to be nearer my favourite pubs. (The Hillside & the Plough). At least that’s one of the reasons. :slight_smile:

And you?

from Donaghadee. shush though.
went to Victoria.
and yes, the rumours about Vic are ALL true.

I know ALL about those rumours. :wink:

How does it feel that your home town is common parlance for obtaining an illegal drug? As in “gonna get some donaghadees for the weekend, like”

ah well, it’s made up for by the fact that no one outside northern ireland can pronounce it right :slight_smile:

Met a bloke from Donaghadee on the HSS once. Nice lad, but a bit … slow. We all had a bit of a larf afterwards saying “Donaghadee! Donaghadee!” over and over again. Er … maybe you had to be there.

Anyway, I’ll be returning from Glasgow rather late (and no doubt hideously drunk) on the 16th, but might be able to meet up at some point on the 17th… Aro, you’re welcome to accompany me on the annual Vol. Tom Smith march if you like :smiley:

Don’t want to mention it Ruadh, but what was the score in the cup final I guess you were attending? Just asking out of curiousty, you know.


Christ, it feels like Bob Dylan slept in my head.

Don’t be simple.


You mean the real score, or the one that hun of a linesman determined? :mad: :mad: :mad:

Anyway the score of the only OF game that mattered this month was 1-0 Celtic … just in case you didn’t know …