Calling Dublin Dopers

Here’s the thing: I’m coming to Ireland on the 22nd until the 26th. But I’m coming with my granddad and my cousin and trying to get an itinerary out of them is useless. We’re arriving in Dublin on the overnight ferry from Liverpool and then I think heading straight to Carlow and Athy (where my granddad’s from). We’ll also be in Clonmel, Tipperary for a bit (where my nan was from).

But I’m pretty sure we’ll be spending at least one night in Dublin. I’d like to share a pint with you, but I can’t tell you when! So here’s my suggestion: you could give me your mobile number and I could randomly ring you when I’m there on the chance that you’re available. It’s not the best plan in the world but it’s all I have. Better suggestions welcome. It would probably be the Saturday night but I can’t guarentee that.

Could you suggest a bar that would be good for me to suggest meeting in? I have no idea how big Dublin is and don’t know where would be good.

And it should go without saying, but please don’t post your mobile numbers in this thread. My email is in my profile.

Dublin has a pub? Well I’m in, just for the novelty value of having some of this curious ‘alkyhol’ I hear everyone talking about!
You should enjoy Clonmel Francesca, the nightlife isnt exactly cosmopoliton, but it’s great fun nonetheless!

Francesca, that weekend you are here is a Bank Holiday for us and I am taking full advantage of it - I’ll be away from Thursday 24th, so I can only meet you on the 22nd or 23rd.

I have sent you my mobile anyway, just in case you are about on one of those nights, in which case I would be delighted to go for a pint with you.

I’m a 22nd and 23rd also, as I’ll be in London for the band holiday weekend.

donoghues again?

I’m so impressed with my timing.